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Sep 29, 2012 03:15 PM

how long to keep leftover seafood

I bought some pricy jumbo lump crab meat to make pasta. I was wondering if the leftover pasta would keep well in the fridge to be eaten over the work week for lunch or is it safer to freeze them in separate portions to take out only what would be eaten on a specific day.


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  1. It will start to taste and smell fishy rapidly. The only good seafood is fresh seafood. I would go now more than one or two days if refrigerated instantly...If you are going to nuke it to re-heat...give some extra time. The atomic cooker will vaporize much of the bad stuff.

    But is it worth eating bad seafood? Three days would be my absolute tops...but if it smells fishy then it probably is past it's prime.

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      I guess I have a high tolerance of dealing with strong fishy smells. I was more worried about any chances for food poisoning by keeping the cooked crab too long in the fridge.

    2. freeze it. crab is very perishable, as is all seafood.

      1. Go with the freeze and thaw out option.