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Sep 29, 2012 03:12 PM

Cheap bakery?

I thought I remembered a thread on this already, but apparently not.

I'm hoping for recommendations for a cheap bakery, ideally between maybe Houston and 60th, but I'd consider farther afield. It's a handy thing generally, but at the moment, I need to buy some cookies as a gift. I found a fabulous place in Staten Island, but I'm not willing to spend four hours in transit.

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  1. It's out of the area you'd like, but Glaser's on 1st Ave and 87th is cheap and pretty good.

    1. Fida, what's the name of the cheap and fabulous Staten Island bakery? I looked at your prior posts (admittedly, quickly) and couldn't find it. Thanks

      1. I think the rainbow cookies sold at Fairway are great value: $7.99 / lb, I believe.

        Well, at least I used to think that. My recent Fairway post on this board will explain the reason for my qualification here.

        1. Staten Island has some INCREDIBLE bakeries. But, yes, I agree about transit. Sigh.
          What kind of cookies are you thinking - how many - and how much are you willing to spend? I know a girl who makes salted-caramel choco-chip cookies that will knock your socks off.

          1. A bit disheartening - I was expecting a dozen suggestions on this one.

            UWS Grazer, the Staten Island place is Cake Chef's Cookie Jar. You can find my post in the Outer Boroughs board, probably with a search for "fudge" or "parlor" as I was originally asking about ice cream parlors for sundaes. They had a great selection at what seemed a reasonable price. The only problem is that I didn't get to taste any of them. They went to the host, and I never had a chance.

            I'll keep Glaser's in mind, El Mitch, but I would rather have gone south. UWSG, by rainbow cookies, do you mean those cute garishly pink and green layered ones? I think, since these are a gift, I'd rather get something a little more neutral. Maybe sugar cookies, or pignoli, or lemon, or small chocolate chip. I don't have a price in mind, but I'm looking for cheap. Does Fairway sell cookies by the pound? I'd rather go south, as I said, but for $7.99, it might be worth it - but preferably other kinds of cookies.

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              Fida, yup, I'm referring to those multi-colored layered ones that look like this:


              Last I checked Fairway sells cookies by the pound. I'm pretty sure they sold lemon and I think pignoli. If they sell little sugar cookies they weren't the ones with the colorful nonpareils atop; maybe they have them with chocolate sprinkles. Don't think they had small chocolate chip.

              Actually, Trader Joe's may have some stuff for you. I bought some small, bite-sized brownies with sea salt that were very good. They also sell pretty large containers of other cookies in a number of varieties. I think but wouldn't swear by it that they have some lemon ones (also small) that I bought. (I brought them to an event and tried a few, but since I didn't keep them at home I can't really remember the exact type, if that makes sense.) The only issue is that the cookies come in plastic containers so depending on the circumstance that might not work for you. But if you can put them on a tray or something, this could work. The brownies look more handmade than machine-made. Given the number of cookie varieties TJ's offers I would think you could find some that look "natural" enough, once you remove them from the plastic box.

              Good luck, and thanks for the SI suggestion.