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Sep 29, 2012 02:22 PM

Where to Eat Alone This Thursday in Vancouver


6th visit to Vancouver....dining by myself this Thursday night (staying at Sutton Place with a car)....have eaten at Chambar, Vij's, Nook, and Joe Fortes in the past....looking for a sociable ambience with great food. Was thinking of Bin 941 but I read it was small (and maybe closed?)...would Espana be a good choice?...anywhere else?...would not mind eating at Vij's again but curious if there is another place I am missing with great food and a nice place where I can dine at the bar and meet people. Many thanks,

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  1. Hawksworth, which is walking distance from your hotel, has just been named best restaurant in Canada by McLean's Magazine. Not too sure about the ambience or dining at the bar - perhaps others who have been there could chime in.

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      I wouldn't put Hawksworth at the top of the list for a sociable ambiance myself.

      Espana is worth checking out (haven't tried it yet myself but it is on my list), La Brasserie on Davie too. Bin 941 is still open as far as I know. I haven't been there for ages so I can't comment on the food or ambiance. It used to be packed and very noisy always. Some people like that, others not so much. Personally I like to be able to converse with the wait staff without having to shout.

      Bar at Blue Water is good for food, not too sure about sociable ambiance there.

      What about Wildebeest? Anyone?

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        Chewies Oyster Bar? They have a lively atmosphere with a nice bar. Good food.

      2. My pick would be Pourhouse. Decent food (especially the burger), interesting cocktails and watching the mixologists at their craft often sparks conversation.

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        1. Go sit at the bar at Blue Water Cafe. You will not be sorry!
          My other pick would be L'abbatoir.

          The bar at Hawksworth is not ideal for solo dining.