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Sep 29, 2012 01:33 PM

Fort Lauderdale Hound Needs Advice

My daughter and her husband (who live in Newton) will be married five years next month and we would like to buy them a gift certificate to a wonderful, yet unpretentious restaurant. I've narrowed it down to the following: La Lumiere, Salts, TW Food and Trouquet. Your thoughts and recommendations will be very much appreciated!

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  1. Troquet is best known for the wine; it is oenophile heaven with very good if not exciting food. .

    the others are all good.

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      Salts is amazing intimate and the owners Gabriel and Analia are two of the nicest people around. Gets my vote for a special evening with creative and delicious food. The "garden" which is visually stunning and composed of their own farm vegetables is just awesome. Nice gift.

      1. re: Capeannetoo

        I like Salts and Troquet very much and am thinking that since they live in Newton Lumiere may be known to them already. Nothing wrong with TW Food but I don't find it terribly festive. I think you won't go wrong with any of the ones you've considered.

    2. I also like Troquet but would also suggest Bistro Du Midi as another possibility. Very good food and the restaurant has a very nice atmosphere too.

      1. You won't go wrong with any of those, but I agree that Salts is the most romantic and out-of-the-way enough that they may not have been; Troquet is nice but I didn't love it, Lumiere they have probably already been to, since they're in Newton; and TW Food is excellent but not the most intimate atmosphere, since it's so small and you're practically elbow-to-elbow with the next couple. Great gift idea!

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          Thanks all...Based on your replies, I have decided on Salts. Most appreciated!

        2. is there a reason Craigie isnt on the list? have they already been? definitely a special occasion place

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            Actually, my son-in-law is not that adventurous, so we are starting slowly:-)