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Sep 29, 2012 01:15 PM

Planning bachelor party in San Francisco - need suggestions

I'm planning a bachelor party in San Francisco. I've only been there once. I am looking for fun things to do, great places to eat, maybe a great bar with good bear and food. This is a tame bunch - no strip clubs or anything too crazy. Thanks!

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  1. How big is your group? That can be a deciding factor.

    In terms of restaurants:

    Incanto and set up a special dinner (if y'all are into whole animals, strange parts of animals etc.)
    Hog + Rocks
    House of Prime Rib (if y'all like to go old school)
    Wayfare Tavern
    Abbot's Cellar

    Cigar Bar
    Local Edition
    Bourbon + Branch (need reservations)

    1. The best bet would be to go to Toronado and tank up beers then take a cab somewhere to lunch. Or is this to be an evening affair?

      Another option might be to rent a food truck if you have a residency where you can have it parked. Taco trucks are very cheap to rent for a few hours and nobody gets left hungry. It's pretty fun having margaritas and unlimited taco's good luck.