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Sep 29, 2012 12:56 PM

(real) gravy?

I'm hosting Thanksgiving and I fail at making real gravy (I dont need instructions on doing it myself - I can make it to a decent standard but nothing matches my Mom's and almost everyone at this meal will have hers in their minds), but neither I nor my guests want to eat packaged stuff. Can I buy real gravy anywhere in Montreal? Poultry preferred but we'll take beef because we're desperate and will specifically roast an extra huge pan of potatoes if we can get our hands on the gravy.

Also, out of interest, does anyone do 'homemade' stuffing and sell it?

Thanks, A Lazy Person

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  1. try fressers on decarie

    1. Maybe not *quite* what you're looking for (who knows?), but I'm more responding to "A Lazy Person"... maybe you can use this some other time if not Thanksgiving....
      Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke at Decarie sells their gravy in 1/2 or full gallons.
      Mmmmmmmm, Chalet gravy.

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        decent idea. As for the stuffing, come on, get un-lazy and chop up some onion, celery, bread.. fry up with tons of butter and some thyme & sage. Mix with a beaten egg or two & bake in a casserole dish with some drippings on top, when your turkey is half-done.

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            Although I generally make my own (a not-quite-as-good homage to my Grandmother's), I have in the past used Butterball's stuffing.

            It's found in the freezer section and looks just like this:

      2. Porker - is the stuff Chalet sells of the 'BBQ' variety? (I don't know what to call that stuff, I've only ever seen it in Quebec, a cross between gravy and BBQ sauce)

        Also, Porker, since you are the sausage man, do you know where I can get good duck sausages near the Plateau?

        And as for stuffing, it looks like we'll be making our own - total laziness averted?

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        1. re: montrealeater

          Well, its not beige turkey style gravy. Thats why I originally said "maybe not *quite* what you're looking for". Its kinda difficult to describe since its unique; not swiss chalet, not quite st. hubert. Its a bit piquante, not remniscient of BBQ sauce (a la kraft) at all, more like a highly seasoned, thickened, chicken broth the color of mahogany. You could pick up a single serving to see if it suits your tastes (99c)

          I see you really don't want to use packaged, but mrs. porker has good success with Knorr roasted turkey gravy

          Hey, I didn't realize I was the sausage man! Actually, I like to make sausage, but really don't know much about duck sausage. Theres the brome lake duck store on St. Laurent near Rachel, Le Canard Libéré

          maybe someone else can suggest a more artisinal purveyor?

          MikeyMadness' stuffing looks even easier than the boxed variety!

        2. OK, Porker, I'm gonna sample the Chalet sauce tomorrow and the Kressers as well (fanks Catroast) and, if I can get it at Provigo, the Knorr gravy. When we were kids we used to love the Knorr 'oxtail' soup so I have a bit of a soft spot for the brand.

          Has anyone seen that readymade stuffing at any Mtl grocery stores?

          Also, Porker, I will go with the duck sausage from the place you listed - it's just being used to make redneck duck cassoulet so no fancy stuff needed, ha ha. I'm quite looking forward to this improvised Thanksgiving. Am considering not mentioning any of the bought-in stuff until after I've got feedback, just to see what ppl think.

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          1. re: montrealeater

            If you're talking about the Butterball stuffing I mentioned, it's in the freezer section (and is cooked from frozen) and can be found at most major grocery stores, including Provigo and IGA for sure (I've seen it recently at both locations).

            The Chalet sauce is more like chicken barbecue sauce that you get at St Hubert or Swiss Chalet than turkey gravy IMO.

            1. re: montrealeater

              If you go with the Chalet gravy and buy ahead, it'll gel up quite a bit if in the fridge overnight. When re-warming, you'll have to whisk, maybe even in the blender with a wee bit of water to get a smooth consistency.

              You might be surprised at the Knorr (my money is on this option).

              redneck duck casoulet sounds pretty good - duck sausage seems pretty fancy right off the bat, hehe.

              And don't worry, *I* won't mention the store bought to anyone {;-/)

              1. re: porker

                Thanks Porker and Mikeymadness. Going out this afternoon to gather supplies. I hope I can find the Knorr gravy mix, not all grocery stores have a wide selection of Knorr stuff, from what Ive seen (I sometimes idly look for the oxtail soup and rarely see it).