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Sep 29, 2012 12:33 PM

Trattoria Rosa Bianca in Yardley?

Anyone been there? Heard anything? It looks quite attractive from the outside with lots of nice landscaping.

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  1. We were there on Saturday and I may be returning tomorrow. They are definitely still working out kinks but I am hoping it will be a nice addition to Yardley. They did a really nice job restoring the house.

    We had the beef carpaccio with arugula and caperberries and the house made burrata. I thought both were excellent and very fresh. They serve a very nice, dense crusty bread too (doubt they bake it but it was good). The house salad was also excellent, very fresh greens and tomato in a nice simple vinaigrette. Spaghetti puttanesca was really good too.

    Entrees had some problems - my husband had the porchetta which was good, if simply prepared, with tasty broccoli rabe and grilled polenta... but the polenta was too well-done for his liking. I had the house-made sausage, which were strange. They were patties, which could have been ok, and were seasoned nicely, but were dry -- how can sausage be dry? Not enough fat? The potatoes and green beans it was served with were delicious though.

    It was extremely busy that night so hopefully they'll continue to improve. They do have their menu online:

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      Sadie I think you diagnosed what was wrong with the sausage. It is easy to have sausage be too dry if the cuts of meat that are used are lean. I have seen many sausage recipes actually suggesting you add fat to the mixture so that it will both have more flavor as well as not be too dry. I have seen this happen most frequently with wild game sausages. Was it a pork sausage? Beef? Mixture?

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        I believe it was a pork sausage.

    2. Has anyone been to Trattoria Rosa Bianca recently and if so, how was it? I was there the first weekend they were open and, as Sadiefox mentioned, there were definitely some kinks.

      Overall, the food was decent but, in my opinion, not up to snuff for the price and the type of restaurant (ie, more upscale) it's trying to be. Service was poor, not in the we-don't-care-about-service way, but in the nobody-trained-me-and-I-have-no-idea-what-to-do way.

      Having said that, this area could use more dining options so I'm hoping they've improved since my last visit....

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        I went a second time, the second week of October. So it's been at least 6 weeks since my visit, but I was even less impressed than I was the first time. I didn't really feel like elaborating on my experience, because I really want this place to succeed AND improve, but since you asked :-)

        Again, appetizers were WAY better than the mains. We had the caponata (not bad, a little sweet), the calamari (VERY good), and a grilled peach and gorgonzola salad (very good). For my main, I had the Frutta del Mar which was very disappointing. The quality of the seafood and cooking was just ok, and the sauce was pretty bland, definitely NOT spicy as described (and warned by our waitress). And not served with any carb or veggie, just the lonely seafood on a plate with the sauce. My companions had the gnocchi (pretty good), the chicken scallopine (decent) and the rigatoni alla bolognese (too much generic rigatoni, not enough sauce to the point of being dry).

        Agree with you on the service, it was well-meaning but terribly amateurish. I get so turned off when the server not only does not replace my silverware, but then puts it from my plate onto the table (which does not even have a tablecloth on it). Completely unacceptable at a place of this price point.

        I really hope they get better overall. Not worth going there though, when for a little more money you can have a meal and service that's 100 times better at Charcoal.

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          Thanks for sharing, Sadiefox. Completely agree with you about Charcoal--have had many excellent meals there. Here's hoping Trattoria Rosa Bianca will improve and succeed!