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Sep 29, 2012 12:18 PM

Dawson's arrives in Rockville

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  1. Very interesting!
    Is that the old Giant location?

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    1. re: mdfoodlover

      Not sure what was in that spatial location before they tore the whole area up to build the Rockville Town Square, but it's the NW corner of RTS.

      1. re: mdfoodlover

        No. It is down the road aways opposite La Canela.

      2. So they have a coffee and juice bar and dining area... like Whole Foods?

        1. I'm not familiar w Dawsons. What do they do better than WholeFoods?

          And someone tell me what use they have for that new "gourmet" market that took WholeFoods space on the Pike?

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          1. re: Pappy

            Do you mean Fresh Market in Congressional Plaza? I like that place. There have been a few items I get there that I cannot find elsewhere (not at WF). I have had some of their ready to eat offerings and found them to be good.
            We eat a lot of canned black beans. I usually buy the Giant Naturals brand. They are the best canned I have found, and the lowest in sodium (although I usually do rinse anyway). The brand at FM is better quality, lower sodium, and lower price.
            And I will admit, I like the ambiance of of the FM. Not a sole reason to go to a grocery, but it is an added bonus.

            1. re: Pappy

              Fresh Market is basically just an upscale Giant. The produce is generally better quality and I can buy stuff a la carte. I hate buying a huge package of mushrooms for example because I only end up using half of it. At Fresh Market I can just buy 4 or 5 mushrooms. Same with their meats (who the hell needs 6 sausages!?)

              Whole Foods is better but the new location has awful parking.

            2. really nice market, a smaller whole foods. Beer and Wine!!!! For those of us in the immediate area what a great treat.

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                1. re: cocoagirl

                  How did this place manage to skirt the crappy MD liquor laws?

                  1. re: lalajane

                    I believe the liquor laws in this case are Montgomery County, and that they allow one store in a chain in the county to sell wine and beer. That's why the Shopper's in Germantown sells it, but no other Shopper's, as does the Magruder's in Germantown, and Safeway in Olney and the 7-11 in Aspen Hill. Dawson's, being a single shop, must have passed the county's requirements.

                    1. re: Terrie H.

                      Coincidentally this is the reason I frequently visit Balducci's in North Bethesda. They have a decent beer/wine selection and everything else is about as good as the old Whole Foods in Rockville.

                      1. re: Terrie H.

                        No, the state law in MD disallowed this long ago. Those stores that do sell - like the Shoppers in G'town or Magruders- were grandfathered in.

                        Which is why the Wegmans inn Frederick doesn't sell beer and wine and the Germantown one won't either (especially since Wegmans end run around the state law in Howard County was shot down).