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Sep 29, 2012 10:50 AM

2 dinners near-ish to westin bonaventure

Hi I will be at a conference staying here. I have 2 nights unplanned. Since I am not sure of the budgets or palates of my fellow travelers I am looking for moderate priced and not too adventurous. Walking distance is ideal but a short can ride would be okay as we'll. Thanks in advance adi

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. All within walking distance of the Bonaventure ...


      Colori Kitchen


      Kitchen Table

      Bar & Kitchen

      The Parish

      1. A great alternative to cabs is the DASH system of vans. Used to be only 25 cents per ride -- might be up to 50 now -- and run every few minutes during weekdays through several routes in and around downtown:

        The purple line is what you'll probably use, and it makes Chinatown very accessible. Sure, many 'hounds will flame me for not getting you to the San Gabriel Valley where the really authentic, regional Chinese can be found. But in Chinatown on Broadway a couple doors north of Alpine is Yang Chow. Yes, some call it Americanized, but they serve "slippery shrimp," an addictive deep-fried crispy shrimp in a sweet-n-sour sauce with a zing to it that is one of the outstanding dishes in all of SoCal. Also order the spicy soup with wontons (from the specialty page of the menu), the green beans or eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, and your group's choice of chicken, beef and/or pork dishes. A great, satisfying meal for $20-25 pp.

        1. Well, you could walk across the street to the Maguire Gardens & Cafe Pinot around sunset, grab a window seat or one on the patio, weather permitting, and enjoy good food, not great food, in a very very pleasant setting as the lights come on in all the hi-rise buidlings. Also free corkage if that means anything to you.
          A good sandwich can also be had at the Mendocino Farms, also across the street from the hotel on the NE corner of 5th & Flower.