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Sep 29, 2012 09:32 AM

Minor SGV update (very minor): Prospect Plaza

When I stopped at Shang Ming in Prospect Plaza, I noticed a couple of other changes, one not.

(Music) Man's Tea House is gone. Not only was it closed, but insides were in disarray with items and furnishings in the process of being removed. This comes after "under new management" sign went up recently. This spot previously was the short lived Memory Lane Tea House (does anyone remember that?). Before that it was Bin Bin Konjac. I'll leave the earlier history to Chandavkl.

Tasty Dining is moving along. As I walked by, I noticed someone I assume to be the owner, seated and looking over a freshly printed menu with someone I assume was from the printer. I couldn't quite get a look at exactly what was in the menu, but he seemed pleased with how it turned out.

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