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Sep 29, 2012 08:41 AM

Maggie's Farm in Middleton

Two recent visits to Maggie's Farm in Middleton have me adding it towards the top of dining out choices.
The atmosphere can best be described as country upscale. I felt like I was inside a very cool barn. The music and the decor are both really cool and make it easy to kick back and have fun. The service is very friendly and knowledgeable.
The first visit was with a group. The wine and craft beer selections were solid and the cocktails were well made. Our appetizers included Tater upscale rendition of the classic. I did not try one..but my dinner companions raved over them. We also had the Baked Zucchini which I can attest first hand was simply delicious. Maggie's prides themselves on using high quality fresh ingredients and they buy quite a bit from local farms. This showed in the zucchini appetizer. Our entrees included pulled pork sandwiches, salmon, meatloaf, and steak tips My salmon was one of the better salmon dishes I've had in any restaurant. Everyone loved their entrees. We all shared bites and I have to say I liked everything I sampled.

I had a return visit to Maggie's Farm last weekend with my better half. Maggie's was just as nice for a couple as for a group. We had the Crab and Corn cakes for an appetizer and they were excellent. The corn was fresh and sweet and the crab cakes were simply delicious. This time, I opted for the pan roasted chicken and my better half opted for the pork tenderloin. Both were fantastic. The portion sizes are generous. We shared Peach Cobbler for dessert, which was topped with Richardson's Ice Cream.

I would highly recommend this place. It is nice to have a great quality restaurant in the area.

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  1. Thanks for the review Blue Magic. I was curious about Maggie's Farm. Sounds wonderful.

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      You are very welcome. Groupon actually came out with a deal for them today...if you're interested in trying it go with the groupon. $15 for $30. It's a good deal.

      1. re: BlueMagic

        Thanks, got the Groupon. Must have missed it earlier.

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          i usually dont take much stock in yelp but this place has huge huge number of really bad recs.. would love to see more CH posts before i go...