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Sep 29, 2012 08:39 AM

some of your recent favs?

so i seem to find myself a little out of the loop these days and i'd love to check out some new or somewhat new (could be a couple of years old, at this point) spots for an upcoming birthday. some of my favorites include: hungry mother; island creek oyster; russell street tavern; scampo....but we've been to all of these many times and i'd love to try something new. that being said, it'll likely be a group of 6 so it shouldn't be too intimate of a spot. i love italian but honestly i'm up for any suggestions.thought of M3 as i know that is supposed to be good, but with a group of 6 we really need to be able to make a reservation. we've got a few weeks and the flexibility to do mid-week (i see hungry mother is already full on open table for the weekend of the 19th) so perhaps that'll help? would love to get some more thoughts. thanks so much.

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  1. italian: Rialto and Coppa are favorites though not recent.

    My latest find is Tenoch, but that is not really a place ofr a b-day celebration.

    1. I'd consider Deuxave, West Bridge, EVOO, and Rendezvous. Check the menus and see what works for your price point - or you might have fun at the new Belly with their "Arms and Heads" all pig four course dinner though I haven't tried that myself yet and can confidently recommend the other four as I've been to them within the last few months. While I love the food at Strip T's it is noisy, crowded, and uncomfortable so I can't see sitting with friends for a party there - they'll move to a less humble space sometime soon I hope! Happy Birthday.

      1. What about Bergamot? There are some nice, large rounders in the room that'd fit your party of six. A very nice atmosphere - not too stuffy, but a little more special and worthy of a b-day celebration, I think. It's a current fav of ours.