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Sep 29, 2012 08:19 AM

Nuit Blanche 2012 - until sunrise in Toronto (tonight overnight) - food options

I think abigllama meant "Nuit Blanche" with this thread posted here :) -

Not to confuse the thread with anything else and for those looking for info re: tonight, here is some info I have gathered via various sites.

Oliver and Bonancini is indeed to $5 bites this year but only at a few of their restaurants. Jump, Canteen and Bannock: (links are from twitter, not pics but just posters/info on dish) . They are only serving from 9pm until midnight but sure they will sell out before hand

Bannock - Smoked Ham/ Split Pea Soup -

Jump - Chili with Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread -

Canteen - White Fish Taco -

All set up for takeout/ to go.

In regards to other food, there are a ton of food trucks out in the designated "rest spots"

Here is a decent write up.

The "Junction Flea MArket" is also doing a pop-up downtown at King/Peter. To me this looks like it could be the most interesting offering up for Nuit Blanche -

Hope people have other suggestions that I haven't come across!

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  1. Thanks so much ylsf! You read my mind, totally mixed up names after a couple of martinis last night!

    1. We had an engagement until about 11PM. Ventured out looking for the Junction Flea Market pop up and couldn't find it. Looked in several parking lots around King and Peter and found nothing.

      The crowds, astounding amounts of vomit, and fights spoiled our appetite so we bailed. Probably done with Nuit Blanche from here on out.

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      1. re: abigllama

        My friend and I couldn't find the Junction Flea popup at first either. By fluke we noticed a new store (The Detox Market) directly across the street from Mountain Equipment Co-Op handing out hot chocolate samples. Turns out the store is a mini-chain originating from L.A specializing in fancy, organic home, beauty and some food products. The hot chocolate was made from the organic Mexican chocolate they carry. Very tasty.

        Then right next to it is a very small alleyway. I noticed the coffee trailer people who I've seen at the Junction Flea and then realized we finally found the pop-up. There was just 2 of us but we were so hungry we ended up having food from all the stalls. All the food was very good: pork belly sandwich, crab noodles (my favourite), Chinese dumplings, butternut squash soup and meatball sliders.

        It's too bad you didn't find it. They had a long communal table and it wasn't too crowded when we were there (2ish). It was nice to sit, take a break and stuff ourselves.. Great respite from the throngs of loud, drunk and high people.

        1. re: num nums

          What a shame, that sounds excellent!

          The info in all online sources said it was located in a parking lot so we focused the various parking lots in the blocks surrounding the intersection. We looked around for about 20 minutes, the crowds were really heavy at the time. When police pushed us out of the way to chase after someone, we decided it call it a night.

        2. re: abigllama

          The only reason I knew where it was (also knew the general area) was I saw a tweet just before I searched that said "across from MEC". I would have had no clue either, would have been easy to miss it just thinking it was "Manual Labour" serving because it was pretty dark in behind. I just had a meatball slider, we got there late and most had sold out.

          My other food experience for the night was Per Se food truck. I am going to add it to my list of "overpriced/underdelivered" food trucks. I wasn't a fan of the jerk chicken despite hearing so many good things about it in the twitterverse/etc. The sauce they had on the chips were unusual. Thigh meat for the chicken which is normal for jerk but in a sandwich form, it meant eating the fat/skin the way it was prepared/assembled unless you wanted to make a mess.

          Re: Nuit Blanche, my tip is to go to the extrementies in the future. By the time I got out and about it was past 11pm. I feel like I "missed" stuff but I always feel that after NB. We hit up some church street spots and it wasn't too bad out. Places like Wychwood Barns (haven't been yet for NB but want to go) and Distillery are probably more "adult" and less drunken teenagers (didn't see any drunks at Distillery but was only there for 30 minutes due to timing).

          Good to see so many more food options out there. It would be great if the replicated a previous "night market" installation and made it bigger. Like, something similar to TUM on the streets of TOronto, one night only. Would be super popular I am sure.