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Sep 29, 2012 08:07 AM

Masona Grill West Roxbury

Just thought I would share my comment to restaurant and their response:

Comment sent:

"Just thought I would write a brief note about dinner Thursday night with my daughter. While I have had very good meals in the past at the Masona Grill, Thursday night's meal was not very good.

The atmosphere was very good as well as the service. We started off with a small plate of very good, artisan bread. Next we shared the lobster taquitos special appetizer and while the flavor was good, the lobster itself did not taste fresh as it had very little flavor standing by itself. I ordered the Seared scallop special which was presented very nicely but overall the dish (flavor) was also underwhelming and disappointing. The Sirloin that my daughter ordered was very bad; she ordered it medium and it came out very well done and the meat was very tough and chewy. Despite being badly overcooked, the meat did not seem like a very high quality cut of meat because even if it was overcooked it should not have been so tough and chewy if it were a high quality cut. We finished with the Carrot Cake which was very good.

All in all, a disappointing meal."


"Good morning. I appreciate ur honesty and sorry u had a bad meal. To recap ur meal, lobster meat came that day and very fresh, as well as tge sirloin. We buy high quality food and are very proud of what we serve. You obviously had an issue with everything on your meal even after we asked you how was everything. Again sorry about ur experience and have a nice day. Sincerely Masona."

I thought response was very defensive and I thought I would share it. My original email said that the atmosphere and service were very good, the bread was very good and the carrot cake was very good. I also said that the scallop presentation was very good but owner responded by saying "you obviously had an issue with everything on your meal..."

I certainly wouldn't tell the owner how to run his business, but each time a customer has a negative experience is an OPPORTUNITY to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal, satisfied customer. Perhaps that is why the restaurant was practically empty on a Thursday evening!

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  1. "You obviously had an issue with everything on your meal even after we asked you how was everything." As you point out, some hyperbole there. However, did you in fact say anything at the time of the meal? Did you try to send the steak back? The presentation might be fine, but one is planning to enjoy the food by eating it. As for the flavor of the scallops, that might just be your personal taste. Certainly we have all experienced ordering a dish and it not being what we hoped it would be. They did apologize, and I can see how it all came off a bit defensive.

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    1. re: CookieLee

      The owner or Manager did come by the table and asked if everything was ok and my daughter did say that the steak was overcooked and tough and his response at the time was that it might be the lighting, in other words, because it was dark in the restaurant perhaps it just looked well done and wasn't. It wasn't the lighting!

      1. re: bakerboyz

        Oh, that is not acceptable! I often have DC's order steak, and as soon as they cut into it, they summon the server if it's not right. Only once did the server explain to cut into the center of a filet mignon, to see if it was medium rare,which it was. Never have experienced such a response that you had, shame on them. And, his response is incorrect! You did complain about the steak at the time!

    2. Odd, and not in keeping with what I've experienced there at all.

      I've had only good experiences there -- both food and service -- and have found the owner and the rest of the employees to be among the friendliest and most accommodating. They have recovered more than gracefully at small mis-fires I have experienced. I think the owner is truly interested in the quality of the experience and nothing but pleasant -- I've critiqued items and never found him defensive in the least.