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Any reviews on Porkyland in Barrio Logan?

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I have never been there. Where is it located and what are the specialties?

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  1. ANYONE????????????

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      One of my SD friends - the one who hauled me to the good meal at Ranas - said that Porkyland wasn't especially special, except for the corn tortillas. So this is second hand, but I do trust this friend's Mexican food judgements.


    2. this might be too late but here goes. e.d. is right. porkyland makes good tortillas. their carnitas & carne asada aren't very good. the la jolla location is even worse (still good tortillas though).

      if i were in barrio logan i'd go to el porvenir instead. they have excellent tortillas, carnitas, chile relleno. cash only & m-sa (hours seem a little flexible).

      2196 Logan Ave
      San Diego, CA 92113
      619) 233-5139

      el porvenir
      1786 national ave
      don't have the phone #-sorry!

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        We have tried pork carnitas at many restaurants and find Porkyland's to be the best tasting so far. Never tried El Porvenir, though.

        In Yuma, you find them to be tasteless or too crisp to chew. Other places we've eaten in S.D. are just bland or dry.

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          Porvenir's pork is too fat and you get a small burrito. Very tasty though. Porkyland has a burrito that will feed two or three. The carnitas have always been good there.

      2. Porkyland is very greasy and too salty. The tamales are decent. For good Carnitas try La Michoacana in the Farmers MArket Building on Imperial and 22nd. All they do is Carnitas and you get your choice of the cut, ribs, buche, leg, whatever you ask for. the beans are great too. You can buy by the pound and take home.

        1. Dudes

          I had tamales from Porkyland that were the best I ever had.

          They were togo from La Jolla, a year ago.

          Sad to hear they aren't as great as I imagine them all this year.

          san diego food blog

          1. I prefer Los Quatros Milpas located down the street. They are only open for lunch, and they make great tortillas.

            They are known for the bowl of rice, beans and tamale, or the rice beans and chorizo bowl.
            Their hot sauce is very hot, be aware.

            They do not offer guacamole.

            Their menu is limited, but for this place, less is actually more.

            1. Don't bother with Cuatro Milpas, Yes there are lines outside but that's because the food is cheap and generous. I find it salty and basic. If you seek more authentic Mexican, try El Comal on the 2800 block of Imperial. there is also El salvadoreno across the street from El Comal for Salvadoran food. Cuatro Milpas and Chuey's are real basic greasy spoons. Chuey's food is frozen. Last time I asked for an enchilada with beans inside they couldn't make it because staff said the enchiladas are frozen? How's that for authentic?

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                Rocket, I have no idea who you are, but I agree with you whole heartedly, 1000% on Las Cuatros. A waste of time (to stand in line), a waste of money (you can buy MUCH better for about the same elsewhere) and a waste of calories. Second El Comal.

              2. I think porkyland in logan is better than la jolla. although not the best, the carnitas is quite good in a greasy fast food kind of way. since you can get the tortillas at local costcos now, the chase is gone and they don't seem as good as before (they were available to the masses).

                i like la dona, which is across the street from Guild and on the way to Restaurant Depot. Again, nothing super special, but the food is decent and the prices are reasonable.

                I sometimes I put carnitas in a quiche, with some cilantro, onions and some cheese...yummy!