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Sep 29, 2012 05:52 AM

Going to Halifax for 4 day business...suggestions?

I'm going to Halifax (probably with a bunch of others) for training. Staying with another fellow Montrealer from the same office at the Radisson on Hollis Street. The office is on 1959 Upper Water St. We are given a $50 allowance per day and we're leaving Thursday at that leaves us with three dinners, four lunches and breakfast every morning.

Any suggestions for restaurants? Given that our allowance is cumulative, we usually aim to skimp on breakfast and lunch and splurge on dinner (why not?). I'd much prefer grabbing my coffee and breakfast (fast) from elsewhere rather than Timmie's...which is what my fellow coworkers ended up coercing me into while I was in Toronto for training as well (arggghhh...watered down coffee with 18% cream)

I'm adventurous but not so much the others...I'm looking to go for seafood because I know it's good (been to the Maritimes in the past for a few days...vacationing). Checked a few places online and was looking at The Battered Fish, Five Fisherman (is it overhyped?) and The Press Gang.

Things I'd be interested in: definitely fish and chips (had it once on the streets, loved it), oysters (I know my fellow coworker loves it...raw or not) and of course lobster. Good sushi would be a plus but given that there's a bigger gang and I haven't met the rest of them (they're coming from other cities in Canada), I dont know if I can be that adventurous as I usually am.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I like the Battered Fish for take-out fish & chips on the boardwalk.

    Haven't tried the restaurants you mentioned, but I really enjoyed the chowder and biscuits at Chives Canadian Bistro.

    1. Five Fusherman had a weekday happy hour when I was there in June. Three types of oyster for $1.50 each and drink specials. It's not on their website so you will have to call to find out hours. Not sure about other food there as I went specifically for the oysters.

      1. Press Gang has an oyster bar. I haven't been there yet but some people swear by it.

        Battered Fish is now considered the best fish 'n' chips in Halifax. I haven't had it yet, as I don't eat battered fish often. The best I've had was John's Lunch, but I'm not sure that the Woodside ferry would be operating at the hours you'd be dining. They have GREAT clams 'n' chips.

        Personally, I find the seafood options in Halifax strangely disappointing. Both McKelvie's and 5 Fisherman, but between the two definitely go to 5 Fishermen. They also have oysters, plus a salad bar & mussel bar.

        Where does one go to eat lobster? I don't know, because Nova Scotians generally don't order lobster in restaurants. Is the Bluenose II any good? It's not exactly our lobster season right now, but there is still fresh lobster to be found.

        Other restaurants of quality: Gio, Chives, Stories... Elements is starting to get a good reputation, and it serves all local ingredients, but I have never been.

        Definitely try some of our local Nova Scotian wines!

        Your downtown location for sushi is the Hamachi House. Sushi in Halifax is expensive, but I don't know how it compares to Montreal.

        1. Hi from another Montrealer. I was in Halifax in mid-July and back again last weekend for three days.

          Tried Chives. The biscuits were great. We had chowder (too salty), smoked salmon app. and chicken with pasta and we didn't like any of those dishes unfortunately. Prices were high but taste was not so I would not go back or recommend it.

          We tried to find the best chowder and my brother and I both really enjoyed the one at the Battered Fish. We found that one to be the best. The Battered Fish is not a restaurant though, you have to sit on tables outdoors. The fish was great and the coconut shrimp was also really good.

          Five Fishermen. Happy hour is between 4 and 6, every day. When I was there in July they had two types of oysters and this time they had three types - different to the ones I tried in July. They were great, all of them! Have checked out the dinner menu but it didn't seem exciting to me.

          Press Gang. We had dinner there one night and it was the best food I've had in Halifax, by far. I had the tuna steak. I recommend it highly. It was perfectly cooked. We tried the calamari app. which was excellent, the scallop app. which was very good and my brother had a pork dish which turned out to be excellent as well. The service was wonderful. The place itself is gorgeous.

          For lobster, the place I like is Ryers, close to Peggy's Cove. If you're in that area, Rhubarb has really good food! I've had breakfast there twice and love it. They bake their own bread too. Lovely place, good service.

          Unfortunately, I wanted to try the breakfast at Janes on the Common but it is closed on Mondays. I had breakfast twice at The Coastal in July and it was excellent. Had breakfast there again on Saturday and it was good but not the same, so maybe I caught them on a bad day.

          Pubs - at Maxwell's Plum we liked the beer sampler and the steamed mussels. At the Economy Shoe Shop we tried the sliders - they were good but you have to like blue cheese as they are served with that.
          We tried a place called Q for barbecue and it was really, really good. I recommend the sampler platter.

          Have fun and enjoy Halifax. Great city!:)

          1. I really like the Wooden Monkey, which has great organic and local where possible food. For a quick, healthy lunch I'm fond of Pete's ToGoGo, which is on the grounds floor of 1801 Hollis. I like the coffee at Just Us!