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Sep 29, 2012 05:44 AM

Any One Been to Ugo in Culver City Lately?

We tend to go to Brunello's when we want Italian in the Culver City area, but I'm willing to give Ugo's a go if someone can affirm their chow-worthiness? My wife tends to either get a Caesar salad and a pasta dish (especially carbonara) and I like a good chicken parmigana or a pasta dish. Do they know how to cook pasta "al dente?" Do they tend to drown their pasta in too much sauce? Looking to have dinner and get out for $60 to $70, plus tip.

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  1. For me, Ugo fills a niche for gelato, or espresso, or LCD (least common denominator) Italian if I happen to be walking by, sort of like a beetle caught in a web, I guess. All good for those things, but the only thing I have found al dente at Ugo are the plastic gelato shovels.

    Brunello does all of those things you like (good Italian, al dente pasta) consistently.

    You should, though, consider having whatever pasta they are doing at Waterloo and City. The last 3-4 I've had have been just great. Not downtown CC, but really worth noting.

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      "...the only thing I have found al dente at Ugo are the plastic gelato shovels."

      First of all I had to wait until I quite laughing to start typing...

      Okay, Ugo's is a No Go. Waterloo & City is actually a much closer and easier drive for us, so next time we get a hankering for pasta we'll rethink (and reroute). Thanks for the tip.

      1. re: CulverJack

        for gelato, go to tea forest in culver city.
        caveat: they close early.

      2. think chef boy r dee minus the can.