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Sep 29, 2012 03:56 AM

your favorite fruit stands in Brooklyn and Queens

which are best for quality, freshness and selection??

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  1. I don't even know the name of the fruit store I go to, shame on me,but it's a great place. It's on 75th Street and New Utrecht Ave, diagonally across from Pastosa.
    The fruit is always fresh and certain times of the year there are certain fruits that come out,like an apricot/plum cross, black apricots,something that's just called an orange melon. Looks like a honeydew but has an orange cast to it, never ever got one that wasn't super sweet. Fava beans in season, different peppers,2 or 3 different eggplants(chinese,regular,mini,etc) Summer tomatoes from NJ,plum tomatoes,grape tomatoes and more. They sell eggs and bread from Pane di Casa and nuts and dried fruit. They even sell about 5 different potatoes and sometimes 2 different types of sweetpotatoes. And everything else a fruit and vegetable store sells, I love this place. It's very hard to find a good fruit and veg store these days, at least in my neck of he woods.

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      Passed it today it's Paradise fruit, Bay Ridge Parkway and New Utrecht Ave.

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        I'll have to try this. Sounds wonderful. As a rule, fruit and vegetables in Brooklyn are totally devoid of quality. It seems we usually get the bottom of the barrel in this neck of the woods. Frank & Sal's on 18th Avenue (between 80th & 81st streets), although not a fruit and vegetable stand (it's a salumeria), has some of the best produce I've found in Bensonhurst.

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        I am usually pretty satisfied with Three Guys which has enormous turnover, cheap prices and a big variety of produce for its multi-ethnic constituencies. . I particularly appreciate things like the big bales of fresh parsley and cilantro and again, the great prices.Frank and Sals has some lovely italian items (inside and out) We used to shop on Brighton Beach Ave, there were (and probably still are) a couple of fruit and veg stores there with excellent produce and prices, but its just gotten too congested.

      3. Great to hear that other folks recognize Paradise's high quality. It has been my main fresh produce source since moving to Bensonhurst a few years ago. They also sell ice (including 75 pound blocks). They shut down each year from mid-late January until March; when they reopen it is a sure sign of Spring.