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Sep 29, 2012 03:28 AM

quality cheese shops in brooklyn

which are best and why??

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  1. Shops with a nice selection are plentiful these days. What neighborhoods? What is most important to you--price, selection, location etc?

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      I love Blue Apron in Park Slope (Union St on 7th Avenue). Prices are what you would expect for quality cheese but the owners are always on the premises and they have selected their cheeses with great care, not only for variety but seasonality and wonderful craftsmanship. The staff is well-trained and able to guide you towards cheeses that will interest you.

    2. Bedford Cheese Shop - Williamsburg
      Eastern District in Greenpoint,
      Stinky's - Boerum Hill / Cobble Hill
      Caputo's Fine Foods - Carroll Gardens
      Bklyn Larder

      1. I love bedford cheese shop because of the selection. I would say though, their charcuterie is overpriced and not that great. I usually load up on cheeses in the lower end of their price range and am very happy with them, but then I go around the corner to the regular supermarket on Metropolitan and buy salami and olives, grapes, crackers. They are very nice in there too, generous with tastes and knowledge.

        Stinky is good, I like it--good selection and a range of options from reasonable to expensive.

        BKLYN Larder has great stuff, including their charcuterie but it seems very expensive--skews toward mostly offering only expensive cheeses. I rarely buy anything there but I would like to.

        1. There's a place on 7th Ave near 3rd street. I can't remember the name,. but it's something like Valley Shepherd, or similar. It's not a big place, but I find it interesting because you will not find any of the standard cheeses you'd expect.

          I was told by the staff this is because they actually make most of their own cheese, so they can't call it by the names you'd expect. But if you tell them what you're looking for, they'll steer you on the right course. I've had great luck there, and it's not super expensive either.

          Has anyone else ever gone here? I've never read/heard any other opinions on this place.

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            I was interested so did a search. It seems to be connected with a creamery in Jersey:


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              They are indeed a creamery in NJ, as thegforceny points out. They have stands at some of the farmers markets around the city (I purchase from them at the W97th St. market). From what I understand, they also offer cheesemaking "days" to the public (for a fee of course) and such at the actual farm in NJ. I did not know that they had an actual store here though.