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Sep 29, 2012 03:03 AM

canned beef tongue??

do uou know of any brands?? there used to be one with i think the brand name Freireich. does this ring a bell??

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  1. That sounds like something I'd find in an old British manor-house detective story, as opposed to any American grocery.
    supply list from an Antarctic expedition in 1907 includes 1 and 2 lb tins of lambs tongues, ox tongues and lunch tongues, all purchased in New Zealand.


      Freirich still makes both Smoked and Corned (pickled) beef tongues. But I believe they are either cryovac or plastic/polyfilm sealed. I haven't seen any Freirich canned products in more than 25 years

      1. You've just reminded me that we have a large population of Armenians around here, mostly the more recent arrivals from formerly Soviet Armenia, and the stores catering to them have shelves of Eastern European canned meat and fish products. I would not be surprised to find some tongue in there - I know many of the cans have meats that have not been canned for sale in the US since at least 1960.