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Sep 28, 2012 11:53 PM

So where should I eat in Figueres for lunch?

Doing the Dali Museum on a Friday in October. Where should we eat for lunch beforehand? I've searched the boards and the only recommendation seems to be Mas Pau, but it's 4 miles away. Is there any authentic Catalan cooking near the Dali Museum? Preferably under 15 euros per person. Thanks!

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  1. You may not have seen this, as it is a few years old, but some of the recommendations may still be valid:

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      Thanks! The top restaurants on Tripadvisor for Figueres seem to be Sidreria Txot's and Lizarran. Any thoughts on those?

    2. Hi, you could try Hotel Ampurdan, a little out of the town centre but not so very far. Here's a link…