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Sep 28, 2012 08:40 PM

Looking for non-perishable things to pack for my boyfriend...

My boyfriend stays in LA for the week for work, and I am looking for homemade things to send with him when he leaves San Diego on Monday mornings. He goes straight to work, so nothing that requires refrigeration. So far Ive sent homemade granola bars, trail mix, brownies, cookies. However, Id like new ideas, and maybe some things that are not sweets.

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  1. Beef jerky

    ... and nice photograph of you.

    1. does he have access to hot water or a microwave?

      If he does I say oatmeal, and brown sugar mixed up in a ziploc bag. He could dump some into a mug with some hot water from a coffee machine and let it sit for a a minute. That's a great simple meal early in the day.

      1. Are you looking for one-time Monday breakfast ideas or things that he can eat during the week? Lots of savory options if you define the parameters.

        1. cheese straws
          Chex Mix

          1. Spiced mixed nuts
            Chips & jarred salsa (unopened)
            Any type of jerky
            Peanut butter spread on graham crackers

            Not sure why you 'd pass up on these things just because they weren't homemade, but perhaps you have other reasons:

            Pre packaged jello or fruit cups
            Soup in microwaveable cups
            Cheese & cracker packs
            Hummus & pretzel chips

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              i found awesome single serve salsa at Sams Club...those would be great!
              also single serve peanut butter
              i love thge cheese straws!
              These are to die for!