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Sep 28, 2012 07:36 PM

Authentic - and I do mean authentic - Fish and Chips

Where might one find authentic fish and chips in North Carolina? I've lived in England and Scotland and am dreaming of the best...
Thank you in advance, y'all! :)

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  1. I've never been to Britain, so I don't really know authentic, but in general, I have enjoyed fish and chips in Irish pubs such as Ri Ra in Charlotte and Finnegans Wake in Winston-Salem. If you have any geographic preference n NC, you might want to specify that; it's a rather large state.

    Also, here are a couple of previous posts that may be of interest:

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      Yes, I'm NC born 'n bred so I know it's rather large. I didn't specify an area because I travel quite a bit and am always willing to drive for good food, whatever the cuisine may be. :)

    2. I hadn't had anything close, but I really only know the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

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        You would think that fried fish and fries wouldn't be that hard, until you remember most restaurants will tweak the dish to suit their diners. This could mean rather than serving chips with malt vinegar, they sub a vile sugary, red, sauce called ketchup.

        Anyway, I haven't run across anything authentic in my travels. Here's one in the DC area:

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          Ah, Eamonn's. I used to live a short walk from there. I can't speak for their authenticity, but I certainly enjoyed their fish and chips. The owner, Cathal Armstrong, is an Irish chef at of one of the DC area's better restaurants, along with a growing empire of great eateries. So, I'm sure he knows a thing or two about authentic fish and chips. They have a fun selection of tasty house-made sauces too, if you don't opt for the malt vinegar of course. Man, I'm hungry for it now.

      2. Hilton Chip Shop Inverness. Loved that place. I understand your crave.

        1. For a short time there was an authentic England-style fish 'n chips shop in Cary on Tryon at Cary Parkway. It actually let you specify the species of fish you wanted, as in Brit shops. I didn't think their quality was up to snuff and it's gone. That is the only place I have seen try to execute the full format British version.

          As a Caryite, I now go to The Corner Tavern and Grill on Maynard near High House when I want fish 'n chips. They are not even attempting real UK-style chips, so don't get your hopes up. But at least the fish is full long pieces, breaded in a very good batter that reminds me of Britain. Large portions and bottled malt vinegar is available. That's as good as I've got for you 'round here.

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            Hmm The Spotted Dog in Carrboro serves fish and chips. The fish is cod and I have to say it is done while you wait and the freshest I've ever had. Ditto for the beer batter chips.They also serve malt vinegar with it. As for how English it is, sorry I lived in Ireland;-)

            1. re: Rory

              I think the beer batter chips would pretty much rule it out, unfortunately.

          2. Unfortunately there was a chippie in Cary that was owned and run by a UK expat and was suppose to be super authentic with mushy peas and all, but it didn't last long despite good reviews.

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              One of the problems here is that the quality -- and character -- of fish and chips in England varies widely, from pub to pub. So simply being in England doesn't guarantee you will get good quality fish and chips.

              1. re: jnwall

                You're right than even in England the quality of fish and chips is variable but the thing is pubs have never (as a general rule) done good fish chips.
                There's pubs all over London doing them and most of the time the fish is bought in frozen and ready battered. It's a shame that this is a lot of tourists impression of fish and chips.
                There were some tourists the other day asking about fish and chips in the pub I was in and I took them outside and showed them the proper chippy round the corner.