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Sep 28, 2012 06:28 PM

Bloopers from Cook's Country

I found these while looking for the current outtakes they play at the end of the show...what Chris says about putting the person in the icebox and taking them out when they're grown?! If anyone can find that and post, I would appreciate.

This isn't it, but is still fun if you're a CC fan. The "gigundous" plastic tub Bridget's stirring with ice cracks me right up. I could see at least two people in my world stirring extra long just to watch my annoyed reaction to all that noise, HA HA HA!

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  1. I just heard Chris say the line I was after. He's talking about making some sort of no-bake lemon cake, when he messes up, saying something about the OVEN, rather than the fridge, then ad libs:
    "The idea of putting someone in the icebox, then eating them when they grow up!"
    Funnier when you see the whole thing in context vs. my typing about it here...but still funny.

    1. thank you, i enjoyed watching these

      1. LOL'ing; fortunately no one else in office yet :)

        1. I like the one where Bridget gets all snarky and says something to Chris about 'someone wore their smart pants today.' For some reason they don't play that one anywhere as often as the other ones. I wonder why.....

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            HA HA HA! I wish I'd have seen it--I'll keep an eye out. Probably because Chris had a vote in how frequently it's played (or whether it's played at all). Same as he says "Take that over" when she says, "Really, in none of your THREE refrigerators do you have room for this?" :)