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Sep 28, 2012 06:17 PM

Demeyere Atlantis Simmering Pot or Saucier?

Does anyone have experience with either of these pans? Did you get the Simmering Pot or Saucier and why did you choose one over the other?

Is the only difference between the 3.5 quart simmering pot and saucier the single handle versus two small loop handles?


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  1. To your second question: yes.

    I briefly owned the long-handled version, but realized that the 3.5qt was much bigger than I wanted, so traded down to the 2.6 qt saucier. If I had decided to stay with the big size, I'd have preferred the two-handled pot, as it takes up less room on our small four-burner stovetop, in the small 24" oven, and in storage.

    If you'll be using it often for stir-fries, or saute-then-braise applications, you'd probably want the long-handled version for ease of shaking and moving. But if this will be a major way of using the pot, make sure you're comfortable manipulating it. It's quite heavy, and the tubular handle is very smooth -- which is nice for handling while cool, but may be a disadvantage when using a potholder or towel, or holding it with damp or buttery hands.

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      Thanks ellabee!

      I hadn't really considered the hot pot holder situation!, great perspective to consider. I wasn't really thinking of flipping food like you see on TV but, the long handle would certainly make stirring or flipping with a spoon or spatula easier. Hmmmmm ......