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Sep 28, 2012 06:06 PM

Happy Hours make me happy

Hi All,

I'm new to chicago and love to dine out. Unfortunately, I'm still a student and like to watch my budget so I'm looking for some solid happy hours that offer good deals on food as well as drinks! Where/when are your favorite happy hours?

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  1. Chicago by law is not permitted to have happy hour drink specials. I am not sure what neighborhood you are in, but if you are in or near Lakeview, Socca has some outstanding pizettes for just $5 at the bar from 5pm to 7pm (not sure if this applies on Saturday and Sunday, but definitely is available weeknights). They are on Clark street about a half mile south of Wrigley Field. They have excellent bartenders and reasonably priced cocktails and wines to enjoy with the pizette as well as some outstanding food that is a great value. Nice way to have an upscale, high quality meal without breaking the bank. Great ambiance there as well.

    1. Like Gonzo70 said, the city frowns on dynamic drink pricing -- but that only apples to changing the price during the course of an evening or whatever. Many places offer day-specific deals (1/2 bottles of wine on Tuesday, $2 off draft beer on Thursday, etc.). I think Metromix/Red Eye runs a list of bars with nightly specials.