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Sep 28, 2012 04:20 PM

Private Room between Southington and Enfield

This is probably a longshot, but I am hoping to throw my fiancé a surprise 30th. I am looking for a place between Southington, CT and Enfield, CT with a private room for about 50 people. I was hoping to do appetizers and beer. My first choice, Sliders in Southington, is already booked. I am looking for a deal similar to theirs - room is free and you only have to have a minimum of $150. I cannot find another place like this, they are all priced per person and too expensive.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. http://www.woodntap.com/private-parti... it may be more than you want to spend but I don't see how you can do this much cheaper unless you want to rent a VFW type place and bring your own apps

    1. There used to be a place on Rte. 10 in Southington called 'Gene's Kitchen', it's now a sports bar type of place, but I know that there was a separate room for private parties....damned if I can think of the name of it now, but it's directly off the highway.....

      1. Oh HELL, did I just recommend the place that you said was already booked??? :(

        I haven't been back in a while, not up to date on name/business changes...but I will be in the area next week, actually....

        1. Joey Garlics in Farmington has a private room. Not sure if they charge for it but you can call.

          1. I think JTimothy's in Plainville has a private room that would accomodate that amount of people. Don't know the details about what they charge though.