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Sep 28, 2012 03:06 PM

Best Korean food in NYC?

Hi! I have some friends visiting from out of town (Ohio, gasp!) and they love Korean food but can't get any good Korean in Ohio. I am not familiar with this type of cuisine and would love to point them in the right direction when they get here so they can enjoy this exotic NYC staple. Any suggestions for good restaurants? (preferably cheap to moderate in pricing). Thanks!

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  1. This recent review sounds like a good option for tourists (view; a little glam)

      1. For all around best we like Madangsui.

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          Madangsui has great galbi and bulgogi and a great banchan, but what makes it a well-rounded restaurant? What else have you liked there?

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            We have had very good mandoo there. Both steamed and fried and, incredibly, we were recently there and thought the steamed ones beat out the fried ones. Their dolsto bim bim bop is very good. Likewise, their seafood pancake (while not the absolute best) is generally above par as compared to some other spots, not too greasy but well fried. Their banchan are also generally good, some not great but others very good. Service we have found to be good. So, at the end of the day, for us, it seems to be the default spot, though we continue to look around.

            Hanbat, down the street, also has a very good bim bim bop, and great lunch specials. We want to try the new spot, with the view of the Empire State building next.

        2. When you say NYC do you mean Manhattan or the entire city?

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