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Sep 28, 2012 03:06 PM

Fundamental LA

Pork belly banh mi with duck mousse. Wow. Best sandwich in a long time. Best since Duck shawarma at Momed last year. Incredible brioche toasted and unctuous with some lovely fat or another. So good that I had to try something else afterward to keep my high going. Had the fried calamari over beautiful and nicely acidic cabbage slaw atop another precious brioche. Delicious, too, but perhaps gilding the lily and then I remembered I was supposed to play a seriously competitive tennis match in the afternoon and decided that this 2nd sandwich would be best enjoyed on a clean palate. Enticing wines, too. "Ah'll be bahk."

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  1. I was there today. Not as high as you are on the sandwich, but it is very good. Fundamental LA has been part of my lunch rotation for a while, and I've never been disappointed. Just wished they would bring the porchetta back...

    1. Thanks for the recommendation.

      I work near FLA but for whatever reason don't go that much.

      My wife and I split the banh mi sandwich and the braised short rib sandwich. Both were really good -- but we actually preferred the short rib.

      Two sandwiches and one iced tea, plus a bowl of potato chips -- 29 dollars with tax before tip.