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Sep 28, 2012 01:29 PM

New Red Meat Hut in Springfield

Has anyone been...i think it's name is Morty's? As Swing-fielders who travel to the City or Old Town for all of our dining due to a COMPLETE lack of nice places to eat in our town (and no Mike's isn't what i consider a "nice" restaurant...sorry to any fans...) we are pumped at the thought of a nice dining option close by albeit in a strip mall....

Would love to get some Chowhounder rec's before we try it out...thanks

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  1. LOL -- i thought the name was "red meat hut" and "wow, that's a great name -- what is the place"?

    you, dc doll, may have to be the one who tells us about it.

    i checked their site: looks like the classics. the photos show some nice presentations. notably, i find interesting their offer of peruvian ceviche, fresh ahi or chilean sea bass filet burgers, croque monsieur and madame!) and a nice chopped salad.

    (i'm hearing frankie belting out "new york, new yooooooork" with the menu --- and that's just fine for me, anytime.). no prices listed. "upscale casual" i think open table calls it somewhere.

    from open table:
    Address: 8426 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA 22152
    Neighborhood: Springfield
    Cuisine: Steakhouse
    Price: $31 to $50

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      Well we finally tried Monty's aka the Red meat hut. And...not so much. We won't go back.
      Good part: The beef was really good. i had twin 3 ounce fillets and ate one for dinner and warmed the other up for lunch the next day and it was still good. the chopped salad (1/2 size) was pretty decent. went next door to sweet frog for FroYo so can't comment on dessert. Wine list ok.

      Bad part: my hubby commented that he felt like he was in the audience of a Honey Boo Boo taping on one side (overly loud, precocious but NOT in a cute way kid on one side who's mother kept encouraging her disruptions) and a Brady Bunch episoe on the other (huge family outing again with kids all sitting on OUR end of their table and completely unsupervised to the point of throwing food at each other). Naturally with this type of thing the din was deafening, and the decor reflected what i think it was before... a Chicken Out if i'm not mistaken.
      At these prices, i want not only good food BUT nice surroundings and similarly minded diners surrounding me. next time we'll suck it up and go to DC like we usually do and enjoy all 3.

      1. re: DCDOLL

        I went here this week too. It was a farewell lunch work event so we were there Wednesday midday a group of about 14. The place was very quiet, good service, good food. I'm not sure I'd spend much time there on my own dime but for a business lunch, it was perfect. Otherwise, we would have tried to squeeze into Mike's which is much noisier.

        I had the steak salad and shared delicious thin, crispy french fries with a couple of others.

    2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I live in the area and have quite a few friends who've tried it out and no one has liked it. It's not just the food but the service is apparently very inexperienced. It's enough for me not to want to go. A friend did say they have a good butternut squash and crab soup.

          Have you tried Walkers Grille in Alexandria, near the INOVA Springfield complex? It's one of our favorite new go-to places. I think it's nicer than Mike's.

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          1. re: chowser

            No, haven't tried that one but will put it on the list! We have so few good dining options in Springfield that anything good that is "close" is welcome! i still havent' tried "Morty's", aka "Red meat hut" but will soon, hopefully the kinks may hve worked out by now? i'll report back, promise!!

          2. While his site may be considered a competitor to Chowhound, Don Rockwell absolutely loved the place! His review is in this thread:


            Sounds like the service wrinkles are ironed out but now you likely have to deal with a line to get inside issue instead.

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            1. re: malveaux

              no doubt cos i'm sure i'm not the only "swingfield-er" who has been dying for a really good/nice restaurant! thanks!