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Sep 28, 2012 01:04 PM

Carmageddon Teen Chow along Metro Red Line

Hi Chowhounds.

I'm taking 6 teens to Halloween Haunt at Universal on, I just realized, Carmageddon II. Traffic and parking are expected to be ghoulish (ha!).

I was hoping for ideas on a place to park and have a 60-90 minute dinner along the Metro Red Line, between downtown and Universal. Langers won't be open. The guys palates are developed about 1/2 way between pizza and foie gras. Those areas are not local for us, so we've only destination dined in the proximity.

Here are the stops.

7th St/Metro Center

Westlake/MacArthur Park



Vermont/Santa Monica





Universal City

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  1. Thai food? Ord Hoyka is near the Hollywood/Western stop.

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    1. Hollywood/Vine is easy: Wood+Vine is right off the stop. Fancy American comfort food. Hard not to like. Make reservations on the weekends.

      Wilshire/Vermont: BBQ Chicken (Korean fried chicken, not bbq'd) and Bobawoo are both very walkable.

      Hollywood/Highland has BoHo/25 Degrees, etc. etc.

      Vermont/Sunset: Mother Dough/Umami/Yai Thai

      But seriously: use Yelp's "Redo search when map moved" and plug your train stops into a Yelp map. There are way too many options, no one knows your price range, preference of cuisine, how far everyone's willing to talk, etc.

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      1. re: TonyC

        I'm a bit of a luddite, so I didn't know about the map. I'll give it a go.

        From your list, Umami near the Vermont/Sunset station(.2 miles is what the map says) might be a good choice. My son's wanted to try Umami. And I like the original one quite a bit.

        Budget is probably sub-20 per person entree. Probably not Far, South or Near East cuisine.

        1. re: notsuperwoman

          The Salsa Bar off the Universal City stop is pretty good. Joe's falafel may be walkable depending on how far you're used to walking.

          I would walk to these 2 places vs eating anything at Universal Citywalk/Universal Studios, but that's just me...

        2. re: TonyC

          Ooooh! I just looked up 25 Degrees. Uber-burgers in the historic and notoriously haunted Roosevelt Hotel, a block from the station. Perfect!!! Thanks.

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            And you can sneak out for a cocktail (or 3) at the Library Bar across the lobby while the little beasts are snacking on fancy-arse onion rings. That's a major plus when you have a brood with ya?

            1. re: TonyC

              Heck yes. With public transportation, how fortuitous!

        3. Los Balcones del Peru
          Go Burger

          1. This 2000 article from the LA Times on eating along the Red Line started my love affair with Korean food.

            A friend and I got off at Vermont/Wilshire and walked to Soot Bull Jeep, and I've never looked back.


            Many of the recommended restaurants are still around.

            Mr Taster

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              Wow. Talk about en pointe! I'm inspired too.