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Sep 28, 2012 11:24 AM

Looking for an authentic Mexican chimichanga recipe

Hello all. I am looking for an authentic chicken and potato chimichanga recipe. I found one on you tube a few weeks ago but I did not save it and now, I can't find it again. I am looking for an old school recipe. Any help?

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  1. Chimichanga, the deep fried burrito, is not Mexican. The most plausible claims are from Tucson Arizona.

    There's nothing wrong with making up some sort of stew with chicken and potatoes, flavoring it 'southwest' style (green chiles and such), and wrapping that in a flour tortilla. But unless you can find it widespread on Arizona menus, I wouldn't call it 'traditional'.

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      +1. You can take basically ANY burrito & deep fry it = chimichanga.

    2. I understand that some guy dropped a burrito in the fryer and the chimichanga was created. I guess I should have asked for traditional chicken and potato burrito filling or taco filling.I am sure that someone knows what I am looking for. Every thing goes in one pot and is cooked down so you can use it as a filling in some type of shell. It is slow cooked on the stove with fresh ingredients.

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        That sounds like a picadillo, but I've only ever made it with beef, not chicken.

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          there are some Mexican antojito (street snacks) fillings that use potato, though I'm less sure of a 'chicken and potato' combination. Potato and something spicy like chorizo is more likely.