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Sep 28, 2012 10:52 AM


I am heading to Chicago next month for business, arriving after 7:00 PM. I am staying at the O'Hare Sheraton (in Rosemont). Will any of the kosher places in Skokie deliver? Will any still be open after 8:00, by the time I get into my room? Is there anything in the terminal I can pick up on my way out?

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  1. Nothing's available out there so this is your best bet:

    1. The Skokie places will deliver but will charge accordingly. Many places close by 9pm with perhaps the exception of Shallot's, although I think their official closing time is also 9pm. The previous poster's link is also accurate. The MetroKlub can also accommodate delivery orders via CEO deliveries, you can contact them for more information at (312) 602-2104, but they will not be open until after Sukkot.

      1. The only real option in the airport is some hecjshered options available at CIAO and Cibo markets - for location informatin check here -

          1. I would assume that you have already visited Chicago and I hope that you got your food. For your future visits, the CRC website has a listing of all of the restaurants in the Chicago area and there is a private person listed that delivers all over the area.