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Sep 28, 2012 10:43 AM

Bermuda 2

Planning annual long weekend trip to Bermuda for late December. We skipped last year like knuckleheads. REALLY looking forward to trip back. Will be staying in a different location ....near Elbow Beach. We get around by walking , by bus and by ferry. Any new chowhound establishments to check out? Have not been to Bolero or Mad Hatters yet. Should we plan to?

Thanks for advise.

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  1. So glad you'll be back!!

    Try Tribe Road Kitchen (they're on Facebook with daily menus posted) on the corner of King and Reid Street East - my son says their pizza is even better than Rustico's. He also likes Bolero - have never been to Mad Hatters.

    1. Love love love Mad Hatters - although it's been a year since we have lived in Bermuda. It's tiny - I would recommend atleast calling and seeing if they feel like you need reservations. One birthday party can take up the whole place.
      The menu is also small, there's a regular printed menu, and the specials which are very much focused on what's fresh and available. I always waited to hear the specials before I ever looked at the menu.
      The kitchen staff is incredibly accomodating - will prepare dishes to suit tastes, and not only happily but carefully took care of my celiac friend every time we were there.
      I know my info is somewhat old, but atleast for the 5 years we were there, entrees were accompanied by bowls of communal vegetables and starch.
      The only thing I ever found inconsistent was dessert, all housemade, some hit the mark and some just fell short.

      Enjoy your trip!!

      1. Second the Tribe Road Kitchen. They do lunch M-F, brunch Saturday and Sunday. Dinner on Wed and Friday. I'd go for pizzas on Wed (lunch or dinner) or Friday (dinner). Expect a 20-30 minute wait for pizzas at lunch (I always call ahead). If their Facebook page doesn't have the menu, I can always print out for you here, just let me know. Personally, I like their crust better than Rustico/Dining/Flying Fish. Rustico has an almost cracker like crust while Tribe has a new chew to the thin crust, also some nice puffiness to the crust and good char on the bottom.

        Mad Hatters never changes, still the same so food is good, competent cooking but I don't find it excites me.

        Newport Room is now reinvented as Newport Gastropub. The chicken liver pate is quite good and the poutine is nice but can be hit and miss on whether it's hot enough to melt the cheese (I like the gravy which they serve on the side). The steak frites was a really good cut and enjoyed that thoroughly as well as the chicken pot pie being really good comfort food, nice amount of pastry and the chicken wasn't dried out and the gravy didn't run like dishwater but wasn't too floury thick either.

        I really enjoyed my lunch at Ocean Club (again, Southampton Princess), had the tuna club there which was delicious, perfectly medium rare tuna between nice fresh bread. Come closer to December, they might have another round of special e-mails, we went because we had a 2 for 1 lunch email (they did both the app and entree 2 for 1) but the drinks were extortionary. The South P has been surprising me lately which is always nice.

        Taste at 141 Front Street is also new. I'm not sure if they'll be doing their dinner specials into December but they've got a 3 course dinner for $29. Menu changes daily, their style is a little more rustic, kind of up scale casual. Her mozzarella is awesome.

        If you head upto Dockyard's, I'm a big fan of the new pastry shop that's up there now. Across from the visitor's centre, over on the Frog and Onion side. I like going up for a lunch, their sandwiches are pretty hearty (and come with a small side of potato chips). Quiche was good as well.

        Think that covers my eating adventures in Bermuda lately. If anything pops up in between, I'll post if it's interesting.

          1. re: StayThirsty

            Whoa. Care to elaborate?
            Have been getting the daily menu's emailed to me from Tribe. Has me drooling..If we plan to go to Mad hatters, will make reservations WELL in advance. Last 2 trips to Bermuda we coudn't get a table w/in a week of calling.

            1. re: shaebones

              Sure. I like Mad Hatters and as you are going to be here and have not yet been, then by all means check it out. However, in response to your original question (Any new chowhound places to check out?)...I cannot think of anything "new" worth seeking out. As a regular visitor, you are no doubt familar with the Island and its culinary options. Although there are some very nice dining experiences to be had, there is very little which is truly special and even less that is worth the prices charged. I have had mixed experiences at both Bolero and Tribe Road, so hopefully you will visit on an "on" day/night. It pains me to say these things as I used to feel Bermuda was a truly special place to visit. Unfortunately, it seems to have lost much of its appeal in the past few years and the local food scene is no exception.

              1. re: StayThirsty

                Well, decidedly not everything is always a hit. I love Tribe Road but I find that lately, they have more hits than misses (although today's special was a miss for me, not enough acidity to cut through the richness of the pork, cheese, butter creaminess). But overall, I do like their food and think it's one of the better places where heart goes into the food. Be forewarned that their sandwiches do tend to be big and for a little gal like me, I usually split it in half and eat over 2 days or else I sit at my desk and pass out from a food coma. :)

                I've just come back from an awesome trip to NYC, does our level of dining compare to someplace like that? Nope, not by a long shot but given the size of the island and the limited resources, I'd say it doesn't do that bad.

                1. re: bdachow

                  No, I live just outside of Boston ,. I'm an enthusiastic cook and usually go out for dinner just occasionally. Just lookin for the best local eats of the Island during our short stay.

          2. Is the Dining Room at the lighthouse near the S'hampton Princess open in December? We had our best meal in Bermuda there, and the view is spectacular. We also enjoyed Bolero - the boudin noir was unctuous.

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              Yes, the Dining Room is open all year round. Definitely on my favourite list, the spaghetti was simple but rich. I inhaled and it disappeared in the bat of an eye, my DP was rather jealous as I didn't share that much. :)