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Sep 28, 2012 10:44 AM

Mr Bruno's in East Elmhurst /Jackson Heights

Has anyone tried the recently opened Mr Bruno's in the Shopping Center on 76th and 31st Ave? It replaced the dreadful Rosa's that's been in that location for years. Apparently they have a shop in New Jersey that's well received. Here's Slices take on the Jersey outpost.

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  1. tried it tonight and i'm pleased to say it's absolutely fantastic. ordered a sicilian pepperoni for delivery. it was inexpensive, delivered on time, had great sauce, excellent quality ingredients, the right amount of cheese, a chewy but not doughy crust, the service was friendly on the phone and i'm happy to say that jackson heights might have a truly great pizza place, finally. i don't think it's a stretch to say that it's as good if not better than many of the pizzas that are often touted as the best in nyc. easily as good, if not better than rosa's, maybe as good as spumoni gardens (although tough to tell on just one sampling), and surely the tastiest sicilian i've had in queens. of course, i'll have to try a round pie to know for sure, but jackson heights has a new pizza contender in town.

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      wow, i'm pretty bummed. went back a week later to try the regular, non-sicilian pie and was terribly disappointed. the counter service was, as others mentioned, kind of joyless and grumpy; the pizza was bland, boring and generally no better than what you'd find in a strip mall in ohio; the center of the pie was much thinner than the overly doughy crust; the onion topping that we ordered was terribly undercooked and almost raw; and the decor and ambience was forgettable (not that it matters that much). looking at the pizzas on display, i was struck by how tired and tasteless they all looked, except for the plain sicilian. perhaps the clear strength here is the sicilian, either by the slice or, even better, by the whole pie. i still stand by my opinion that the sicilian i had the week before was one of the best pizzas i've had in queens and i'm hoping that it wasn't just a fluke. but for regular pies, i'm going to stick with louie's in elmhurst until further notice. after my initial excitement, i'm bumming now.

    2. Sounds like a plan. Stop here and then go to Cannelle.

      1. Tried Bruno's yesterday. A very nice place to sit and enjoy a slice or two...comfortable tables and booths. Counter service was not the friendliest or the most efficient. And the pizza, though good, is not much different than other places in the neighborhood. Gianni's on Northern is a better bet.

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          Just ordered their grandma pie. Very disappointing. I love the food in and around Jackson Heights, but having grown up in Bensonhurst, I really miss good pizza.

        2. Anyone notice whether they make that potato-onion pie mentioned in the Slice article on the New Jersey location?

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            the oblong pizzas, including the potato onion, that appear in the slice article, are neither on the menu nor on display, at least not yet.

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              ordered another sicilian for delivery and it was just as good as it was 2 weeks ago, although they must have inadvertently undercharged last time because it was 20% more expensive this time. still, it's a great sicilian and easily the best of its kind in the neighborhood. why this quality doesn't seem to translate to their regular pies is a mystery, but from now on, when i'm in the mood for a sicilian, this will be our go to place.