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Sep 28, 2012 10:22 AM

HELP! How do you make flourless torte without a SPRINGFORM PAN?!

I'm trying to make a Chocolate Truffle Torte but I don't have a springform pan. All I have are glass baking dishes! Also, I don't have wax/parchment paper. I only have foil.

Can I troubleshoot these issues and make due with what I have??

Here is the recipe for what I am making:

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  1. You can make that recipe in any similarly sized pan. The only reason they recommend a springform is because removing the sides makes the torte easier to cut and the presentation more attractive. If you're willing to deal with your first couple of slices being messy, a pie plate or any other baking dish will work just fine.

    ETA: the paper lining is also for easier removal of the cake from the pan. Optional as well.

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      Agreed, a spritz of cooking spray, and some parchment cut to the size of the pan, work just as well in my experience.

    2. I'll bet you could fashion a sling to lift the torte out of the pan. I've made things in a square baking dish and made a foil sling - two pieces of foil about 12 inches longer than the pan, make each foil strip fit the pan by folding down the sides lengthwise, then lay them in the pan criss-cross fashion, with the ends of the foil draping about 4 inches on the outside of the pan. Butter the foil generously. When it is time to remove the torte from the pan, lift the foil strips like "wings." Here is a picture: