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Sep 28, 2012 09:42 AM

Galveston Suggestions for Saturday dinner

Staying in Galveston Saturday night and would like some dining suggestions. Nothing too fancy or too casual. Nice sit down dinner. Seafood probably but open for suggestions. No italian or mexican.

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  1. Clary's maybe? A personal old-school favorite.

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      While Clary's was great back in the day (flame broiled shimp killer) its now a bit done,also may be hard to find for visitors. I'd suggest Rudy & Pacos or Gumbo Bar for an outstanding dinner.

    2. As someone on the island every weekend I highly recommend 901 Postoffice. The name is the address. Fine dining that you can enjoy in shorts and sandals. Very creative cuisine from owner/chef Steve Griffith.

      I can also agree with Rudy & Paco if you like fine dining with a South American flair. Also be aware they are one of the only restaurants on the island with a dress code.

      Gumbo bar is great, IMO the best gumbo on the island.

      1. We recently tried Benno's On The Beach which we had heard good things about. The crab fingers were okay, heavily breaded. The crab cakes were downright unappetizing, pre-formed looking patties with an odd grayish hue. I think this place is best for oysters when in season. They have blue crabs now, but we were in too big a hurry that day for a long messy meal.

        1. A day late and a dollar short, but we just got back from a weekend stay. Our current favorites are Gumbo Bar, Black Pearl, and Maceo's for sandwiches. And always Shrimp and Stuff for fried, esp. catfish. Black Pearl is one of the few places that still does a good whole broiled flounder which is what I always get there. Was curious about oysters early in season, and heard a couple of old timers at the bar next to us ask if they were from LA or Galveston Bay. The shucker grabbed the tag off the bag and they were from a bed off San Leon, so hearing that I ordered some. Tiny, but real briny. Excellent. Hopefully some fat, outstanding oysters in a couple of months.