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Sep 28, 2012 07:58 AM

Lunch/dinner in Rosemont

I'm going to Rosemont for a conference. I'll be staying at the Double Tree, attending the conference in the Stephens Convention Center Alas, this year, I'm not being served a box lunch, so I'm on my own (without a car). The little cafeteria in the convention center is something I'd rather avoid. This leaves me with either the hotel dining options (Hyatt, Hilton, Double Tree), or the restaurants in the newly opened "MB Financial Park." Any suggestions? As I said, I'm without a car, and I won't have the time to hop on the Blue Line to look for places to eat lunch. I's also be interested in hearing opinions about where to eat dinner, just in case my plane comes in late, and I'm too tired to go into the city.

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  1. You will be at Ground Zero for steakhouses, which have good food but are quite expensive:
    Capital Grille, Gibsons, Rosewood, and Morton's are all close by.
    Otherwise, you can walk a mile to Maharaja or have Lin's Mandarin deliver.

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      Yup. And Gibsons is right across the street from the convention center. Also, although their steaks are expensive, most of them offer burgers, etc., either on their regular menu or in the bar. And they have a similarly moderately-priced menu at lunchtime.

      Two additional options, both about a quarter mile from your hotel and the convention center, are McCormick & Schmick's (the upscale seafood chain), and Maria's ( ), an okay Mexican restaurant on Foster around the corner from Capital Grille.

    2. River's Casino is very close to you and you could probably hop a cab for not much cost. I'm not recommending the casino, I mention this because Hugo's Frog Bar is right there, with excellent steaks, oysters, seafood. Hugo's original is downtown, next to Gibson's and a favorite of mine. ALSO, at the casino you will find a tiny asian restaurant that is open until very very late. Excellent dim sum, pho, other soups. Everything is good.