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Sep 28, 2012 07:35 AM

After reading all the bad things about restaurants in Greenwich, a question

Situation: we are driving up to Norfolk from Philly to try Cafe Valencia for lunch. It sounds like fun. It's too unpleasant to drive back the same day, so looking at S Cn towns, Greenwich looks like it has the most to offer as far as nice inns, upscale shopping, pleasant places to walk around and see fall foliage. But, believe me, with a choice between upscale shopping in a nice atmosphere and foliage, the shopping is gonna win!

So, within those boundaries, what do we do for a light supper in Greenwich? Seafood is preferred. We're thinking of staying at the Delamar and were thinking of the place there. We don't need great, just decent. We expect that Greenwich will be overpriced, just don't want extravagantly so. We really don't want to drive to another town as we enjoy killing a bottle of wine and a walk or very short drive at most.

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  1. Elm Street Oyster house is the best seafood in Greenwich in my opinion. The place is quaint and casual with a great wine selection. But you will of course still be paying Greenwich prices. Enjoy it.

    1. There is a Norfolk, CT and a Norwalk, CT and the only Valencia I find in either is Luncheria Valencia in Norwalk. If it Luncheria Valencia, what is the attraction that you would drive 3 hours or so for?

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        Yes, got Norwalk and Norfolk confused. This is just an excuse for a long drive to see some foliage and an area not that far, but that I would like to see.

      2. Norfolk CT is nowhere close to Norwalk, the home of Valencia (on Main Ave), so set your GPS acccordingly! (good catch jcanino)

        Considering that I have driven to Philly for a weekend based on my need for a cheesesteak (Jim's and D'alessandro's being my favorites), this doesn't strike me as all that odd. I am a huge fan of the Luncheria, have been eating there regularly since it opened, and have friends who insist on having a meal there when they visit. Now that they have moved down the street to larger quarters with a liquor license, you may actually want to have dinner there, where the menu is broader and the specials more appealing. If Michael (the owner) is there, ask him for menu recommendations.

        Since you are clearly a fan of cheap, ethnic eats, I think you would be better off exploring Port Chester, NY, which is Greenwich's neighbor to the southwest. It is the home of many working class immigrants who labor in Greenwich and other nearby towns. There are several threads on the New York State (exc. NYC) board with everyone's picks. Mine include - from low to high price - Tortilleria Los Gemelos (Mexican), Acquario (Peruvian), Copacabana (Brazilian BBQ), and the Tarry Lodge (Italian, part-owned by Mario Batali). And have dessert at Paleteria Fernandez for Mexican ice pops in a multitude of flavors.

        1. I just had lunch at l'escale yesterday. (that is the restaurant in the Delmar hotel). Lunch for 4 with 2 bottles of $60 wine and 2 beers including tip was over $500.00. Food is not THAT good in my opionion but i was on an expense account so what the heck. My personal favorites (which take into account quality of the food and price) are in no particular order Penang Grill, Doppio, Versailles, Elm Street Oyster House, Pierreangelo's and Duoro. I think all of the menues are available on-line. all are less than 1/2 mile from your hotel. Elm, Duoro and Pierreangelo are slightly "fancier" Penang, Doppio and Versailles are on the more casual end. Let us know where you end up!

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            2 replies for Elm. That is where we're headed since it will be relaxing after a long day. Will post upon return. Thanks all.