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Sep 28, 2012 07:29 AM

Election Day Treats?

I'm going to be volunteering at a polling place and need to be there before it opens. I'd like to bring something for the other poll workers. I realize that doughnuts are traditional, but I'm very reluctant to stop off to pick up fresh doughnuts because I don't want to be late.

Is there anything you can suggest that I can purchase the day before that will still be fresh the next am? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Pound cake or similar cake-y shortbreads keep well. In fact, the instructions for my favorite cranberry bread say to wrap and store for 24 hours before eating.

    If you're going to be buying rather than baking the treat, stop in at a bakery this week and order something you can pick up the afternoon of Monday, November 5. They may have some good suggestions for things that will keep well for the next morning.

    And thanks for volunteering at the polls! Treats are important, given the hours involved.

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      Thank you! I'm thinking it should be something that is individually wrapped and doesn't make a lot of crumbs. Maybe the bakery would do pound cake slices for me.

    2. Hi. I've been a "Troubleshooter" -assigned up to ten polls and rotating constantly between them all voting day for more than 12 years. I've seen a *lot* of different polling places. You'll be working for about 16 hours that day. Since it is Presidential, polls will be crowded at opening and after you have done your opening setup, you probably won't get a lull or break until around 10 a.m.

      Coffee is sometimes brought in individually, and the people who forget or don't bring enough come to regret it. Donuts and any sort of sweet will not be very much in demand later in the day. The sugar high just doesn't work after 12 hours.

      Protein is much smarter for so many reasons. I've seen Precincts with small crock pots of chili that always goes over well (especially if it's a cold or rainy day)(bring small cups and plastic spoons and napkins), others where people bring in individually wrapped string cheese in small coolers and lots of fresh fruit.

      Thank you for working the polls and enjoy the day; you'll get to meet so many interesting people all while doing your civic duty.

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      1. You could bring cubes of cheese with pretzel stick "toothpicks," maybe some grapes. Thanks for volunteering.

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          That's an excellent idea. I prefer something savory to sweet and I could get it ready the night before.

        2. I've been working at the polls for...well, this'll be my fourth presidential elections. Our favorite voter went out and brought in serious coffee, not the diner stuff, for everyone about 11 one morning. On a busy election like this one will be where I work, the food needs to be un-messy, and shareable. (You've already spoken about that, of course.) Bring in an ice chest filled with water and a variety of cold things to drink. Pretzels work well, so does shareable fruit. (Tangerines? Grapes?) Leftover Halloween candy will disappear sooner or later, I find. Some polls have workers who regularly bring in crockpots with food for later. (I'm guessing chili and stews rather than chicken soup, although chicken and dumplings sounds wonderful.) Along about 11 a.m. I would kill for a reliable, safely refrigerated sandwich of egg or ham salad. Crackers, cheese, peanut butter, all work.

          I know you're not doing it for the money! Will be thinking about you as I get up at 4 a.m. and drag home at, oh, 9 p.m. or so if I'm lucky.

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          1. re: lemons

            Thank you for that information.

          2. I now live in a state that only does voting by mail! I am so happy not to have to stand in line to vote.

            But many thanks to all who volunteer at the polls.

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            1. re: sueatmo

              Well, if you volunteer to work, you don't have to stand in line to vote. (Well, actually, you might, depending on how busy it is.) We usually vote absentee, since we (in MO) get an hour for lunch and who knows how far we're assigned from our home precinct and how busy it will be.

              So come join us. Aside from getting up at that ungodly hour, it's taking part in what I privately think of as a sacrament.

              1. re: lemons

                This lifelong St Louisan has relocated to WA state. I will be voting by mail.

                I do know that what sort of food is allowed will have to do with where the voting is located. Some places are not as accommodating as others.

                I applaud the volunteers who do this.