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Sep 28, 2012 07:12 AM

Moderately priced dinner in Bernardsville on Monday?


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  1. BYO Bistro 73
    With a bar Osteria Morini

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    1. re: coldbeer

      Bistro 73 sounds good, but it appears to be closed on Mondays. We'll try it another time. Morini looks good. Is Equus out of business?

    2. Station Pub has 1/2-price burgers on Mondays, and I have a co-worker who goes almost every week! "Certainly not haute cuisine, but a good burger."

      She also mentioned Bistro 73 and said they like it a lot (obv not on Mondays)! I know they also go to Bamboo Grille in Basking Ridge...

      1. Yes, Equus is out of business.

        Your options are clearly limited on Monday but a good choice would be Sette Cucina.

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        1. re: ambrose

          We tried Sette Cucina last winter. It has a VERY limited menu. We were there on a Tuesday night, and they offered no specials. I would vote for Osteria Morini. We have been meaning to try it for a long time and finally got there about two weeks ago. Lots of options - light dining or a full meal. We loved it and will definitely be back.

          1. re: Marie07960

            I agree. I did not realize Osteria Morini was open Mondays. My first choice too.

            1. re: ambrose

              I agree regarding the Station Pub. Revamped ginmill that has decent enough food for not a ton of money (and easily accessible from the train station, which is right across the street). I remember having a stir fry dish that actually was pretty good, considering (not to sound like an elitist, but when I think of "pub" cuisine, I think of burgers and fries and not much else). My only complaint was that the place seemed over-run with flies (this was in July or August). Still, if decent food for a reasonable price is your goal, you could do worse.

              In Basking Ridge, the restaurant that used to be "The Store" is still there, although with new owners and a different name (which escapes me at the moment). Ate there some months ago, and the food was pretty good--- I had a pasta and seafood dish for not a ton of money. "The Store" was there forever (or so it seemed), and I hope the new place can make a go of it. I know when I was there, it was largely empty.

              I ate at the Bamboo Grille a few years ago-- not particularly memorable, although nothing unpleasant about the experience stands out in my memory. The Thirsty Turtle used to be a reasonably good place for a meal and a few drinks, but they tore it down a year or so ago to make space for Shop Rite parking.

        2. We 'll try Morini and report back.

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          1. re: scarlet knight

            In the interests of full disclosure, the place in Basking Ridge I was referring to is now called "Ridge Tavern."