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Sep 28, 2012 06:28 AM

Good Cheese Selection Near SEA?

We usually head into town & get picnic supplies at Pike Place Market but this time we're going through Tacoma & up to Port Townsend. Any ideas of where to get good cheese along that route?


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  1. Fish Tales, The Metropolitan Market in Tacoma's Proctor District has an outstanding cheese selection. They are open 24 hours with easy access to Highway 16. (They also stock Salumi products as well.)

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    1. re: Leper

      10,000 thanks! Hadn't heard of Metropolitan Market but it looks just right. Our flight gets in mid-afternoon & by the time we get the car, head north, & get cheese at Pike Place, we'd be in the midst of rush hour traffic. Not the best way to begin a trip, but you've saved the day-- & many a lunch & dinner, too!


      1. re: FishTales

        While in Port Townsend, be sure to try the Mount Townsend cheese that is made there. Coincidentally, Met Market also usually carries it so you can pick it up there as well. The Seastack is wonderful. If they have the Truffle Stack, it is a must-try.

        1. re: bourbongal

          Thank you, yes, we're old friends with the world-class cheese from Mt Townsend. We've been to their store in Port Townsend once, & I see they now have a shop in Pike Place Market, too. We live in the desert southwest so good cheese is hard to come by. We're going to stock up.


      1. re: firecracker

        Thanks, yes, though pricey WF has a good selection of cheese. All their stores are clustered N and NE of the airport, pretty much in Seattle itself, & not along our route this time.