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Sep 28, 2012 06:25 AM

Trader Joe's - Montrose

Been open a week.

Who's been?

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  1. Gonna ck it out tomorrow... Want to ck out the Cali wine selections..

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    1. re: bornie


      Just bumping so you remember to review...

      My other brother darrell and I were going to go today also but I bailed on him. I do want to get there soon though

    2. Went by Tuesday evening. Still very busy, but had lots of checkers and a expediter to keep the checkout line moving. Grabbed a few things to try, including a three buck chuck merlot to try. I'm disappointed they didn't put the upstairs and balcony into any use yet.

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        I haven’t made it to the Trader Joe’s here in Houston, yet. I used to go all the time when I lived in Vegas, since the grocery stores there were awful. So, I can’t review this particular store, but I can give you my list of favorite items. What I like about TJ’s is they source products from all around the world and package them under their name. So, you can get very good extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, Belgian baking chocolate, and other condiments at very reasonable prices. The kaffir lime-chili cashews are addictive, the corn tortilla flatbread crackers are great; they have really good tortillas, cookies and frozen foods (including pizza from Italy, mochi, etc. etc.). You can find good prices on baby heirloom tomatoes and large bunches of basil for you pesto makers out there (impossible to find here in Houston, for some reason). They don’t have the best cheese selection in the world (Central Market is definitely better here). Meats and seafood are prepackaged (at least at the ones I’ve been to – don’t know about here). So, it’s not all a food shopper’s paradise. I would recommend starting out at Trader Joe’s and buy the best they have to offer, then fill in the rest at your regular grocer.

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          I would add that I intend to avoid the pine nuts they sell there since every case of pine mouth I've heard of originated with the Chinese or Korean growers they buy from. I've not had it, but apparently it's a big pain and alters taste for days or weeks. Google the two together for more information.

      2. OK, so I was killing time Saturday morning waiting for the Texas game to start, (I appreciate the condolences), and managed to find myself at Trader Joe's at 8:10 am, shortly after opening.

        To remind you, the new Voss store is a mere 100 yards from my office and is due to open in late Nov I think. However, I couldn't wait that long, so...

        As this was but the first of several stops on that morning, I was not able to avail myself of the frozen goods, but walked every aisle, touched everything and certainly understand the appeal.

        I bought some masala sauce, canned Hatch peppers, turbinado sugar, white balsamic vinegar, a bottle of $3 buck Chuck, (CabSav), and maybe a coupe of other things.

        I won't make the trek in to Montrose again for it, but it will definitely be a frequent stop when they move in next door.

        1. Okay so I went before Bro Doobie.
          Smoked sardines, and anchovies at a buck fifty ea. yeah in a tin.
          Little Rye nibbles for the fishes, (and the oil therein).
          I was looking at the canned stuff as I was on my lunch break.
          Beans, tomatoes, jams and the like.
          I’ll have to try again after work, for the fresh stuff.

          1. The Voss location has their grand opening tomorrow, Jan 4.

            It's on Voss across from Randalls between San Felipe and Woodway.

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            1. re: DoobieWah

              I was beginning to think you flew souther for the winter. I have yet to go, mainly because I like to cook from scratch with fresh ingredeii and the thought of boil-in-pouch dips and sauces and something called "cookie butter" make me think of my college years with a hot plate. I trust you will report in due course.

              1. re: Lambowner


                Love it and am stealing it with absolutely no attribution whatsoever!

                They have lost of stuff other than boil in the pouch dips, etc.

                You will have to go see just to say you did.

                1. re: Lambowner

                  Hello - just wanted to mention that "cookie butter" isn't a TJ thing. It is a French thing - speculoos spread - and widely revered on the CH France board, even by those who cook from scratch! That's how I found it, and was sad to scrape out the last of what I brought from Paris this summer. It is remarkable, and delicious, and I am happy to report that the TJ brand (which may well be sourced from one of the French brands - that's how they work) is GREAT!

                  Not familiar with TJ boil-in-pouch dips (sounds scary!), but love their par-baked breads, truffle cheese, fresh pizza dough, simmer sauces (I can make a 15 ingredient masala sauce, but sometimes midweek it is nice to get fresh chicken and veggies and throw them into a reliable pre-made sauce), and snacks. The prices are great for a nice array (which changes) of interesting items.

                  1. re: saticoy

                    I have never been, saticoy, but all I seem to read about is frozen foods. I will head over soon. What does one do with cookie butter?

                    1. re: Lambowner

                      I'll admit that long ago (20 years!) I partook frequently of frozen stuff such as shepherds pies, nasi goreng, and other conveniences....but haven't had anything from that aisle in a while.

                      Cookie butter...for me and my kiddo, it is straight from the spoon...he calls it a cookie mush lollipop. I have had it on crackers, baguette...have heard tell that people frost cupcakes with it. Oh - almost forgot - WAFFLES. The stuff is amazing on hot waffles. Speculoos I go to the fridge.....