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Sep 28, 2012 06:15 AM

Any yummy bahn mi sandwiches in SFV?

The elusive BMS seems to only be available outside of the SFV. Any recs appreciated but please don't suggest Sanwich Express in Reseda. Yes, they do make their own bread and yes, the sandwiches were tasty but the place is so covered in filth and the last time we ordered from them the loose running children were feeding straight out of the gummy bear bin meant for the desserts--ew!!!

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  1. Van Sandwiches on Sherman Way or La Baguette on Reseda Blvd. get my vote.

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      Thank you--I've never tried La Baguette!

    2. Saigon Sandwiches, on De Soto just north of Sherman Way (next to the excellent Vietnamese restaurant Bale Valley) is pretty good.

      1. There's also Bun Me! on Reseda Blvd, which is a "nicer" version. They add more fillings to it.