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Sep 28, 2012 06:05 AM

Gleasons in Peekskill: Reviews?

Anyone been lately? What are your thoughts/opinions? Thanks.

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  1. went tonight, and liked it!

    call me crazy, but the food is more flavourful than Birdsall (which can often seem bland to me; especially their charcuterie)

    The pizzas (which they call flatbreads) were really good, and so were the starters.
    Service was friendly.
    Drinks were good.

    the layout is a touch strange with a wide empty isle down the middle, but it's on the whole a good vibe.

    we'll go back.

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    1. re: weedy

      Thanks for the review. Going tonight,. Will report back. Hopefully the menu won't be entirely composed of items I can cook better at home! (Just kidding)

      1. re: frank113

        well. if I had a pizza oven... <g>

        1. re: weedy

          Food was a wonderful surprise. We ate at the bar and had 2 very attentive, friendly bartenders. They knew the menu very well and gave good advice when asked. Fine starters and the flatbreads were delicious. interesting and inventive varieties. Had a really nice bowl of pasta, as well. And, yes, it is a strange layout. Certainly sends the wrong first impression.

          PS: Try the French Connection cocktail. Or 2. Or 3.

    2. Gleasons got a very good review in today's NY Times, getting a "Worth It" rating.

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      1. re: dma1250

        In case anyone wants the link here it is. Yes it sounds terrific

      2. I love Birdsall, but I'm not running to Gleason's. The menu seems so limited and I'm just not that into fancy flatbread pizzas when it's something I can make reasonably well myself at home (same with pasta). But I'm glad to see the good review and that they're investing in downtown Peekskill.

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        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          Just curious. What on the Birdsall menu isn't "something you can make reasonable well yourself at home?" Other than the charcuterie, perhaps.

          1. re: frank113

            While I get your point, Birdsall House has more variety in their menu, and that is something I can't recreate at home on a nightly basis. The reason I've not been to Gleason's yet (and I will get there eventually) is really that the menu is pretty limited and doesn't excite me personally. There are certain things at BH that I've had (their salads, namely, and their desserts, which are grossly overpriced) and been annoyed at their simplicity only because the price they charge is so inflated from what it would cost me to make it at home. However, their reuben, for example, is such an amazing sandwich with all homemade accoutrements and while I *might* be able to recreate it at home it would take me a lot more effort and time than it takes me to make a pizza or pasta dish. Also, the draw of Birdsall House also comes from their beer selection, which my beer-loving husband dotes on.

        2. we were here for lunch during restaurant week. We had squash soup which was a near miss, my wife's flatbread pizza was great...not brooklyn great, but certainly westchester great. I had a good fritatta. Tiramisu was very good, olive cake was delicious.

          we didn't drink anything, they certainly have some interesting beer/bitters. I love the movie posters on one wall, hate the big, lit up "Gleason's" on the other wall.

          My sense is that if you stick to the flatbread pizza and drinks, you're going to be pretty happy with this place.

          1. Gleason's is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots in No. Westchester. The pizzas are outstanding -- fresh ingredients, crispy and served piping hot, but the specials always manage to surprise and delight, too. We were in last night and my Queens-born and bred husband (read reared on great NYC pie) raved about the Peperone "flatbread" pie, which features prosciutto cotto, mozzarella and roasted red peppers.There's a lot more than pizza and good beer, so don't be put off by the smaller menu. The specials are always interesting and provide a wider range of choice. The regular menu features some pasta, not my usual choice when dining out, but the sophisticated orecchiette with lamb ragu and ricotta is too good to pass up. A nice wines by the glass menu complements the pasta offerings. The friendly service at the bar, courtesy of Gary and Jason, tops off a great neighborhood addition. There are also some pretty sophisticated cocktails beeing mixed at the bar with fresh and original ingredients...all this is Peekskill? Wow.

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            1. re: jmtoconnor

              certainly the only place in Peekskill I really like.

              1. re: jmtoconnor

                They don't take reservations; we'd like to go there tonight (a Saturday) with a party of 5; will we have any trouble if we go early, do you think?

                1. re: DGresh

                  How was your experience here, Dgresh?

                  1. re: lemarais

                    Four of us ordered flatbreads, which we all enjoyed very much; my father-in-law ordered a special, which was (as I recall) some sort of veal or pork dish, which he more or less left untouched (though the waiter made no comment). It was very fatty and unpleasant. But all in all it was a nice evening out. Arriving at 6 we had no trouble getting a table; it seemed to start hopping more after 7.