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Sep 28, 2012 05:31 AM

Battery Park area restaurants

Coming to NYC next month for several days and staying in the Battery Park area.. Looking for casual dining restaurant suggestions and tips,, ethnic and otherwise.. Also, bagel and pizzeria stops that shouldn't be missed.. Thx!

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  1. In Battery Park area The North End Grill is great. Might be astep above 'casual' though.

    Pizza in that area you have Adriennes Pizza Bar over on on Stone St where there are other bars and restaurants.

    Also on Stone there Ulysses

    There is also Harry's

    For Sushi Ise a block over on Pine St.

    Bagels, Leo's on hanover They are average.

    There are places that are a bit of a walk like one of my faves Walkers

    I also like Gigino's at Wagner park (in battery park).

    Just stay away of the South St Seaport. Nice to walk to but do not eat there. If you are in the area and wanna chow walk a few blocks towrd the brooklyn Bridge and the Bridge Cafe, Aqua .

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      Second the rec for Bridge Cafe, though it is a walk.
      Adding: Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, PJ Clarkes, North End Grill...

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        There's also a Luke's Lobster on S. William St. for lobster rolls.

      2. Hi - just a few words of advice - battery park is very close to Tribecca which is very close to Soho which is very close to West Village (IMHO) - dont limit yourself to battery park just because you are staying there, its probably no more than a 30min walk, or $10 cab ride to the west village.

        With that said, be sure to check out shake shack. If you are there on Sunday there is Amsterdam Market at the sea port (which is worth going to anyway).

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          Olly78, thx!!! Yes, staying in battery park but expect to take shoe leather express to visit the areas u mention! I must say, the pizza pic above, Adrienne's looks awfully delish!!

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            Adriennes is very good and Harry's Italian a few blocks down is good as well.

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              people overlook inatesso. also good pizza and italian in general, especially in battery park city.

              francois payard bakery has some good stuff... passionfruit macaron ice cream sandwich is amazing as are the other desserts, but their sandwiches are good, too. not a restaurant, though.

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                I second Inatesso, which is across from the Ritz Carlton. Their pastas , pizza and main courses are all very good. Francois Payard is very good, although a bit overpriced IMHO, and they close too early.( 6 PM). I also agree with other posters that Battery Park is very close to other neighborhoods. So the OP should look at Tribeca recommendations ( the nearest neighborhood to Battery Park), also SoHo, and South St. Seaport ( Il Brigante my favorite italian restaurant there, and Mark Joseph for steaks).

        2. This is my neighborhood, and I don't think there are too many outstanding places here. However, Shack Shack is very popular and it is one of their least crowded locations (North End Avenue, behind Goldman Sachs). Also, Liberty View has outstanding Chinese food and a view of the Statue of Liberty. Recommended: Steamed Soup Dumplings, Peeking Duck, Shrimp with Rice Cake. Picasso Pizzeria (South End Avenue) is quite good for this neighborhood. For bagels, go to Zucker's on Chambers Street in Tribeca.