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Sep 28, 2012 05:24 AM

Fresh Sushi in Lisbon?

Sushi seems to be popular here. Last time we were there we stumbled into Kampai which we loved.
Now there seems to be hundreds of sushi places in Lisbon.

Although I don't mind going back to Kampai, I'd love to know if anyone has recommendations for really fresh, tasty sushi. Atmosphere/price are not big considerations as much as the quality of the food.

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  1. I observed a very popular sushi place when I was walking along the rua do Alecrim (several walks) that is called Confraria LX. It is on the ground floor of the LX hotel. It is at the end of rua do Alecrim that is closest to the river.

    I did not eat there, so this is not a personal recommendation, but it was well-patronized, and not everyone seemed to be a tourist. You might be able to find reviews online. I would expect high-ish prices in that neighborhood.

    1. Here's a review of Confraria Lx:

      As the review mentions, it is nice to take a stroll along the Tagus after if the weather is nice.

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        Much appreciated. I'll give it a try and report back.

        I'd like to think I know Lisbon eating fairly well (We are there 4-6 times a year) but sushi places are still undiscovered to me.

        I'll be in Alcantara all week where I usually have lunch nearby at either 1300 Taberna or O Painel de Alcantara but I crave good sushi, which I know is there.

      2. I am a fan of sushi / sashimi / Japanese food and would never be in Lisbon without going to Aya in the Twin Towers. Unfortunately they closed down a few months ago, leaving only the "Bistrot" working, and this is definitely under par and not worth going to. Feeling like an orphan, as we have not been to any of the other Japanese restaurants in Lisbon for years. Here is the list...
        Assuka and Novo Bonsai are the 2 longest established. I see Aya is still on the list. may-be they have or will re-open!