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Sep 28, 2012 01:58 AM


Need some help?? I started a Vodka infusion last December, yes last December.... Using mandarin oranges and grapefruit.... Fruit still in it the vodka, in a large glass beverage container... Like 6 bottles of vodka....anyone tell me if Vodka still ok to drink? Loose alcohol strength? Forgot to say its been covered by plastic wrap the whole time..???!!!

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  1. it cerainly would hurt you anymore than regualr vodka. (haha.) most of the fruit has probably dissolved, so i would strain it heavily. then taste it. it might taste terrible, if not, use it.

    1. I might be a little concerned about the plastic wrap. Someone reported that they tasted an off-taste after a small length of time.

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        Are you saying that the plastic wrap off-taste migrated into an infusion without being in direct contact with the liquor? (Which is how I read the "covered by plastic wrap" statement above -- I imagined a big jar full of fruit and vodka with some wrap covering the top.)

        1. re: davis_sq_pro

          Yes. Not me, but someone on a forum said they covered an infusion in plastic wrap for some short time and the infusion took on a plastic-like off taste. I think this is possible, given the technique of making lemoncello by suspending the fruit above the liquid, no?

          1. re: EvergreenDan

            Seems like it would be possible, but I've cooked fish and other things in plastic wrap before and haven't noticed an off flavor; I can't imagine that alcohol fumes would be able to pull much out. Whether or not I will grow a brain tumor as the result of plastic compounds leeching into my food from the wrap is a topic for future discussion.

      2. I don't believe any fruit-borne pathogens can survive sitting in vodka. If it smells fine, I'd strain it and drink up.

        1. How much evaporation was there? It's probably pretty safe. taste it. But, I would never use plastic wrap. I don't know why anyone would. I use canning jars and glass containers with gaskets and wire hold downs.