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Sep 28, 2012 12:49 AM

Gaonnuri-new Korean restaurant-Review

The massive behemoth that just opened on 32nd Street and Broadway located on the 39th floor of an office building is sure to impress your visual sense as well as your palate..You are greeted by a nicely appointed bar upon entry which has an adjacent sitting area where you can enjoy the panoramic NYC skyline while sipping your cocktails. On to the food. Started w Calamari salad which consisted of nicely battered crunchy fried calamari rings atop mixed greens dressed w a pleasantly sweet dressing. This would make for a very satisfying lunch or light dinner in itself. Along with this appetizer we had Yukhoe-traditional Korean beef tatare marinated to perfection and served ice cold-in perfect form. This was perfectly seasoned and a great starter course. For main course, we chose marinated Galbi which was grilled at the table-perfectly tender cubes of beef.An order of Dolsot bibimpap was also very enjoyabale served in what looked like a vessel from a futuristic space ship.Overall I really enjoyed my meal and can't wait for a return visit to try other items on menu. Even if this space is ginormous, it didn't feel odd due to the well designed outlay. We were there at 5pm and there was only one other party eating. By the time we were leaving, the place was filling up quickly with well dressed folks. It would be a great space to take large groups to as well. They are closed on Sunday and will start serving lunch soon. Try it-one of those places where the view will amaze you as well as the food!

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  1. Is the food especially good compared to other Manhattan Korean restaurants, or is the experience mostly about the view and ambiance?

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      Food is good-and you are correct-it is mostly about the view and experience. Think of it this way-it is good food served in a high class envirorment.

    2. Being a Korean myself, I never liked most of K-town restaurants.
      Most of their foods taste bland and generic.
      When I heard that Gaonnuri would open, I was skeptical and thought that another soso and pretentious restaurant was coming. I was wrong. Yes, the portion was a bit on the skimpy side, but everything tasted so authentic and good. I had galbi (beef short ribs BBQ) and bibim nengmyun
      (spicy cold noodles). I personally think traditional galbi should come out with bones, and Gaonnuri's galbi didn't. Nevertheless it tasted perfect, Bibim nengmyun was also awesome. Their food was a few notches above its K-town peers'.
      Although there were minor mistakes, the staff were friendly and attentive. I plan to go back soon!

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        Kosmose-I am Korean American myself and funny you should mention bones!! I gave manager a huge lecture on how bones were the best part of having Kalbi!!!! Lets all suggest it everytime we go cause he said he was open to suggestions. drool!!!

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          very interesting, ill have to try

        2. I've read about this place in NY Times, and the place seemed to put a lot of efforts to build up this new iconic spot. saw some photos on their website and both food and interior looked amazing.. wanna gladly welcome this new joint and would love to bring my friends for the birthday party next week! so excited!

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            1. Desserts, although mostly western, are also great.

              What I had on their opening day was Black Forest Baked Alaska, which was flambéed at the table. Inside the soft French meringue, there were devil's food cake, vanilla ice cream, and cherry sorbet.

              The other one I tired on my next visit was Snickers Bar with snickers cremeux, malt mousse, cocoa nib tuile, salted caramel ice cream and vanilla ice cream.

              I wanted to have dinner here again last Saturday, but all the window seats were already fully booked. (-_-;;) I guess favorable reviews seem to spread quickly by word of mouth.

            2. Went here for dinner on Saturday night. Great view and great food at surprisingly affordable prices given the upscale atmosphere! I would say the food costs no more than any of the other Korean places on 32nd. We had the ribeye pyeonchae (thinly sliced seared beef) and the seafood jeongeol(hotpot). The pyeonchae was very good. The waiter had some problems getting the hotpot stove working but managed in the end. The hotpot was very generous with the seafood; there were some seriously massive crab legs in there. All in all a great experience, hope it doesn't become too popular too quickly!

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                I too thought prices were very reasonable-they were wise to to gouge the public!!