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Sep 28, 2012 12:26 AM

Miki's Farm Fresh Market coming soon in Oct 2012, Palo Alto

Saw an ad in the Palo Alto Weekly that Miki's Farm Fresh Market is opening in Oct (didn't say when in Oct). Suppose to have: organic grass fed beef, free range chicken, floral, bakery/deli, pizzas, organic & natural pork, artisan farmstead cheese, organic natural speciality groceries, beef, wine, Asian products, huge selection from farmers throughout the state.

Miki's Farm Fresh Market
3445 Alma St, Palo Alto
Daily 9-9

Please report back if you know when it's opening! I request info on their website on the exact date, waiting for an answer.

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  1. Vicky called me back, opening day is Wed Oct 17, 2012.

      1. re: hhc

        Drove by on Sunday & didn't notice they were open. Just read they had a soft opening last week & grand opening is 7:30 to 9:00 am on Nov 1st.

        1. re: ceekskat

          I would strongly advise against going to the grand opening, because of the parking situation. In order to get into the garage, you must pass through the parking spaces in front of the door, and that roadway is narrow. The number of people headed to the garage means there isn't enough room for the people in those parking spaces to exit, so the result is gridlock.

        2. re: hhc

          I saw a friend's photos of the cheese department. He said it's an amazing selection. 'Hounds concur?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Miki from Monterey Market, correct?

            1. re: donbonus

              The owner is ex-Berkeley Bowl and ex-Monterey Market.

              Have you been yet? The cheese photo I got excited about is the Torta del Casar . . . if anyone is wondering what to get me for Halloween . . . :)

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Just checked it out. The cheese selection is geat, many of them I never heard of. Just like Cheese Board in Berkeley, you tell them what you like and they pick some for you to taste, and they are happy to cut a smaller piece for you. Definitely a step up from what we had locally.

                I did not spend a lot of time browsing the other department, just noticed they have a dozen or so olive oils. That's another area I would like to explore.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  The cheese department's selection, staff and even the prices are really good. This is a major upgrade to the local culinary scene, particularly given the miserable cheese options that existed anywhere in the south bay before now.

                  The rest of the store is a mixed bag, plenty of strong things, but mostly not quite up to the standards set by the cheese folks. Which isn't to say that there aren't plenty of things to make a trip there worthwhile.

          2. Just checked it out tonight - really like this place. They've got a pretty good selection of produce as you might expect (first place I've seen carry gooseberries). I was surprised at the strong Asian section - they've got Pearl River Bridge soy sauce! No more trekking to 99 Ranch. They've also got a fresh juice section that I'll have to try some time.

            We got an item from their bakery that was pretty disappointing, not sure if it's representative. All-in-all though, a very welcome addition to the Peninsula.

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              1. re: mr_darcy

                I checked it out early yesterday .... On a whim I drove here instead of the SMC farmers Market. They have an excellent selection of organic produce from Happy Boy, Tomatero, etc I also found absolutely fresh blue lake beans, Brussel sprouts and the buyer actually got superfresh cauliflower for me. The prices are very close to what one finds at the Farmers Market.

                Now some other observations ... Great selection and prices on Italian canned goods like White beans, san Marzano tomatoes and ceci beans.

                They also have great sourcing for balsamic vinegars and top shelf olive oil from Italy.

                Also noticed a British and Indian foods section.

                And they carry some great beef from Uruguay as well! The grassy taste I love so much. I made some beef mince pie yesterday and the result was spectacular.

                Semifreddi bread all over, and no Acme. Bit surprising, considering Acme is in Mtn View as well.

                1. re: osho

                  Had snack/dinner at my sister's yesterday that she'd provisioned from Miki's. Apparently she they were having a tasting of American-made cheeses and she bought several, including one micro-producer goat cheese (nine goats!). She said that the cheese, meat and produce are much better than the Piazza's nearer their house.

                2. re: mr_darcy

                  Been back a couple times - I'm now of the belief that the bakery is the weak link in the store. Everything seems under-baked!

                  I did want to alert people to their juice section though - they have a blood orange and Texas juice orange mix that is to die for. Easily among the best orange juice I've had - complex flavor as far as orange juice goes. Price isn't bad either - $4.99 for a half gallon - the flyer says it's on sale from $7.99 (

                  Also, they carry a ton of Sonoma Sparkler! Great stuff.

                3. I checked out Miki's and enjoyed it as well. My splurges were a fresh gluten free pasta - son really liked it. about $5 for 8 oz. They had several local pasta producers as well as imported dry. A sauerkraut from Brooklyn that I enjoy. Little son had an Esther's pretzel.

                  Lots of veggies and fruit - yes those are my treats. The Yali Asian pear was the only dud - not too much flavor, but fine in salad etc. for crunch. Good prices on Comice pear, Sierra Beauty apples, small sweet potatoes. They had Thai basil and galagal in stock

                  Also small producer sodas. Agree that the Asian section is nice.

                  I'll be heading back for Thanksgiving veggies and getting a lot of produce there this winter now that the CSA season is over. We miss living near Sigona's so this is a nice option...

                  1. I finally got over there on Monday for the first time.

                    The cheese department is as wonderful as promised. Very few pre-cut selections and the few are wrapped in cellophane, not plastic cling wrap. The cheesemonger, Shannon, is very experienced and liberal with samples.

                    Here are links to the Cheese Board for the two samples I tried:

                    Le Salers Fermier

                    Stinking Bishop